When Pigs Fly

I believe the old saying was “When pigs fly?”

Well, take a minute to check the skies because the pork is flying baby!

Speaking of pork, the largest man in the business is making his return to High Octane Wrestling. That’s right, the one and only, “Beautiful” Bobby Dean is headed this way! He’s got a bag full of his favorite Yellow Dye #5 treats, and his eyes are set for the upcoming HOW Tour!

“I am the BEST non-televised wrestler in the world! As long as those cameras stay off, I stay winning!” –Bobby Dean

We reached out to Lee Best and HOWrestling for comment regarding this and we only got this from the GOD of HOW.

“I pray for the ones that pay their money to watch this man in action….and although he competes on HOTv with sVo….make no mistake about it….he will never be seen on Chaos for High Octane Wrestling. He belongs to the streets…..and I will use his very large body to fill a spot on the tour. That is all”