Conor Fuse vs. Omega (XPRO Example)

The bell rings and the match is underway. Conor Fuse and Kenny Omega circle each other in the ring, the tension palpable.

Joe Hoffman: “This is a dream match, folks. The Vintage versus The Cleaner. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Don Callis: “You’re right, Joe. This is like the final boss battle in a video game. It’s Conor’s ‘Game Over’ moment.”

Fuse lunges first, attempting a quick spinning heel kick, but Omega ducks under it, countering with a V-Trigger knee strike. Fuse, however, rolls out of the way, popping back up with a springboard dropkick that sends Omega sprawling.

Joe Hoffman: “Conor’s agility is like a character with maxed-out stats.”

Fuse lands a series of quick strikes, each one punctuated by the crowd’s chants of “!RANK.” Omega fights back, landing a series of chops that echo through the arena. He whips Fuse into the ropes, but Fuse reverses it, sending Omega into the ropes instead. As Omega rebounds, Fuse leaps into the air, attempting a hurricanrana. Omega, however, catches him, turning it into a powerbomb.

Don Callis: “Omega just hit the reset button on this match.”

Omega goes for the cover. Fuse kicks out at two. Omega lifts Fuse onto his shoulders for the One-Winged Angel, but Fuse wriggles free, landing behind Omega. He hits a standing sky twister press, then follows up with a rolling thunder splash. He goes for the cover, but Omega kicks out at two.

Joe Hoffman: “Conor’s pulling out all the stops, but Omega’s resilience is like a character with unlimited lives.”

Fuse signals for his finisher, the Super Splash 450. He climbs to the top rope, but Omega is up and rushes the ropes, causing Fuse to lose his balance. Omega climbs up after him, setting up for the Avalanche Dragon Suplex. But Fuse fights back, hitting Omega with a series of elbows. He then executes a head stomp from the top rope, sending Omega crashing to the mat. Fuse quickly climbs back up, leaping off with his Super Splash 450. He connects, then hooks the leg for the cover.

“One, two, three!” The bell rings, and Fuse’s music hits.

Joe Hoffman: “Conor Fuse has done it! He’s defeated Kenny Omega!”

Don Callis: “He just beat the final boss. Game over, indeed.”