Aftershock 001 Results


In a historic event that will forever be etched in the annals of professional wrestling, X PRO Wrestling held its inaugural show at the esteemed Hollywood Casino in Aurora, Illinois. The atmosphere was electrifying, the crowd was filled with anticipation, and the wrestlers were ready to make their mark in this new wrestling promotion.

The evening’s proceedings were initiated with a thrilling match between the seasoned veteran Lexi Gold and Rachel Wilson. The match began with both wrestlers sizing each other up, but it was Gold who took the initiative, using her all-around wrestling style to gain the upper hand. As the match progressed, Gold continued to dominate, showcasing her agility and power. The match culminated with Gold executing her signature Serpent’s Sting finisher to secure a well-deserved victory.

Next on the card was the promising rookie Drew Mitchell against Caleb Johnson. The match started with Johnson trying to use his experience to overpower the rookie. However, Mitchell held his own, showing signs of his potential. As the match progressed, Mitchell started to gain control, systematically dismantling Johnson. The match ended with Mitchell executing his devastating Tenchi Crush finisher, marking his first victory in X PRO Wrestling.

The third match of the night featured the high-flying veteran Kyle Driver against Dan Hughes. The match started with both wrestlers trying to impose their styles on the other. However, Driver’s aerial prowess and raw power started to shine through as the match progressed. The climax of the match saw Driver executing his namesake Kyle Driver finisher, a front face bodyslam, to claim the victory.

The fourth match saw the all-around wrestler Scott Hunter take on Will Foster. The match began with both wrestlers trying to gain the upper hand, but it was Hunter who started to control the match with his tactical acumen and ruthless aggression. As the match progressed, Hunter continued to dominate, leaving Foster struggling to keep up. The match ended with Hunter locking in his figure-four leglock submission hold, resulting in his victory.

The fifth match of the evening was a hardcore showdown between the towering NECKBONE Jones and Walter Davis. The match started with both wrestlers trying to impose their physicality on the other. However, Jones’ unique style and charismatic persona started to shine through as the match progressed. The match culminated with Jones delivering his throat punch finisher, the THROATPUNCH Jones, to secure his victory.

In the inaugural main event of XPRO Wrestling, the spotlight shone brightly on “Big Buff” Benny Newell, a High Octane Wrestling Hall of Famer, making his return to the ring after having to hung up his boots in 2001 after a devastating knee injury. ┬áHis opponent, “The Brawler” Bobby Barnes, was excited to be part of the first ever main event for XPRO.

The match began with Newell, a beloved figure among longtime fans, squaring off against “The Brawler”. The initial moments were filled with tension as both wrestlers sized each other up, the crowd hanging on every move.

As the match progressed, Barnes, a seasoned veteran, began to dominate, targeting Newell’s legs in an attempt to neutralize his size advantage. However, Newell’s resilience, a trait honed from his early days in the gym, shone through. Despite the punishing submission holds, Newell refused to submit, his determination evident in his refusal to yield.

The climax of the match saw Newell, battered but not beaten, rally back. Drawing on his inner strength, he broke free from Barnes’ onslaught. The crowd erupted as Newell hoisted Barnes onto his shoulders, executing his signature move, the piledriver, with a thunderous impact that echoed throughout the arena.

With the referee’s count of three, Newell was declared the victor, marking a triumphant conclusion to the first-ever main event of XPRO Wrestling. This victory was not just a testament to Newell’s physical prowess, but also a reflection of his relentless spirit, a trait that had carried him through his life and career. As the crowd cheered, it was clear that this match would be remembered as a defining moment in the early days of XPRO Wrestling.

In conclusion, the inaugural show of X PRO Wrestling was a resounding success. The victors, Lexi Gold, Drew Mitchell, Kyle Driver, Scott Hunter, NECKBONE Jones, and Benny Newell, not only won their respective matches but also won the hearts of the audience. Their victories set the stage for what promises to be an exciting future for X PRO Wrestling.