Living Life, Getting High, and Talking to Pac-Man

Jack Dawson for interviewed recent XPRO signee, Kyle Driver, and these are the highlights of the interview.

When asked how it felt get to his first win on the inaugural show?

“It felt great. It has been a while since I have competed in front of a crowd and all the fears and nervousness went out the window when I heard them chanting my name in victory.

When asked about his opponent, Dan Hughes?

“Dan gave me a fight out there and I thought he for sure had me in the first half of the match not gonna lie, but he just couldn’t close it out.”

When asked what he is going to do to celebrate his victory?

“Well Jackie, I’m going to get really fucking high….can I say fuck…er….fuck it….I’m going to get really freaking high and possibly talk to Pac-Man if I’m high enough.”

When asked what is next for Kyle Driver?

“Jackie, it’s not what’s next, it’s who is next because you got to ask yourself one question and that’s who’s gonna drive you? And the person doing the driving is me, Kyle Driver.”

Congrats to Kyle Driver and we hope to see more of his high flying acrobatics in the very near future.