Meet the Staff


CHICAGO, IL – XPRO Wrestling, the live touring brand of High Octane Wrestling, is thrilled to announce the official lineup of our dedicated staff who ensure that every event is a thrilling spectacle of sports entertainment.


Mark “The Law” Thompson: A stalwart of the wrestling world, Thompson is renowned for his no-nonsense approach to officiating. His unwavering commitment to the rules ensures that every match is conducted with the utmost integrity. Thompson’s assertive demeanor leaves no room for competitors to bend or break the regulations inside the ring.

Sarah Mitchell: Mitchell’s exceptional attention to detail and quick decision-making skills have earned her a revered place in the XPRO team. Her sharp vision catches even the slightest infractions, ensuring fair and balanced judgment in every match. Despite her firm adherence to the rules, Mitchell’s impartiality and calm under pressure are hallmarks of her officiating style.

Tony “The Enforcer” Russo: A former wrestler himself, Russo brings a unique perspective to his role as a referee. His deep understanding of the wrestling world allows him to maintain control over the matches, ensuring both competitors stay in line while also fostering an entertaining and competitive environment.

Commentators (Special Events Only):

Jason Adams: Our play-by-play commentator, Adams, brings a raw and unfiltered perspective to our special events. His candid commentary, peppered with occasional expletives, provides an authentic and engaging narrative to the unfolding action in the ring.

“Ringside” Randy Roberts: A grizzled veteran from the golden era of wrestling, Roberts provides color commentary with a healthy dose of nostalgia and a critical eye on modern wrestling trends. His disdain for “flippy shit” and wrestlers smaller than John Cena adds a unique flavor to his commentary.

Ring Announcer:

Hannah Wallace: The voice of XPRO Wrestling, Wallace’s dynamic announcements set the tone for our electrifying events, introducing competitors with a flair that heightens the anticipation and excitement in the arena.


Mark Bennett and Allison Clark: Our backstage interviewers, Bennett and Clark, provide insightful interviews and updates, bringing fans closer to their favorite wrestlers and the behind-the-scenes action.

XPRO Wrestling is committed to delivering high-octane, thrilling wrestling events every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We invite fans to join us and experience the exhilarating world of professional wrestling.

About XPRO Wrestling: XPRO Wrestling, based in Chicago, is a fantasy pro wrestling game with wrestlers judged on five categories: readability, match relevance, description, creativity, and character development. It is the live touring brand that High Octane Wrestling ( uses for their non-televised events.