Stevens speaks….

Jack Dawson for caught up with Scott Stevens after the show tonight to get his thoughts on the tournament and more.

When asked how it felt to make it to the Tournament Finals?

“It felt great. The hard work that I have been putting in a Ten-X and the advice and training I have received from Mike Best is producing. That NeckBone Jones is one tough son of a bitch and he gave me a fucking fight tonight. He made one mistake and I was able to capitalize on it and secure the victory. I will tell you this though, NeckBone isn’t going to let this loss get to him. There was a reason why he was undefeated before this match. He will get his shot at the Game Boy sooner rather than later.

When asked about losing to The Game Boy for a shot at the Great Lakes championship?

“It sucks. I would be lying if I said it didn’t. However, I think the loss to Game Boy was better than winning because it makes me want to earn a championship shot even more. It makes me want to train harder and polish my skills even more. This is why I stepped away from HOW and Chaos and decided to join Ten-X and travel with XPRO. My desire and hunger are still here and I need more time before I have gold around this waist again. Game Boy was the better man tonight over me, but next time will be a different story.”

When asked about Tyler Best attacking The Game Boy after the match?

“Fuck Tyler Best. Are you surprised by what he did tonight because no one else is. Kid loses another championship match and instead of taking his ball and going home he has to attack a man from behind because he isn’t skilled enough to beat in the ring like a man. I’m sure nothing will happen to him because he’s a Best after all, but in the mean time he can eat a dick.

When asked what is next for Scott Stevens?

“I’m taking this one match at a time. I’m here to rebuild myself and I can’t overlook anyone or rely on past accomplishments because that hasn’t gotten me anywhere since HOW has returned in 2019. Everyone has gotten better while I have stunk up the place. I was in last place for a reason. Until I am in the ring again, I will be helping Bo and George prepare for their upcoming match against Spinebuster Island.”