Tournament Wraps up Tonight

XPRO Wrestling is thrilled to announce the continuation of the electrifying 16-wrestler tournament at the upcoming Aftershock 006 event. The event will take place today at the iconic FedEx Forum in Memphis.

Following the exhilarating first two rounds of the tournament at the Aftershock 005 event, four wrestlers have emerged victorious and are ready to face off in the next rounds. NeckBone Jones, Scott Stevens, Hugo Scorpio, and The Game Boy have proven their mettle and are prepared to battle it out for the coveted spot in the final.

But the stakes are even higher than before. The winner of the tournament will not only earn the honor of being the tournament champion but will also immediately face off against Tyler Best for the prestigious title of the Great Lakes Champion of XPRO. This match promises to be a thrilling climax to an already exciting tournament.

Aftershock 006 will be an exclusive, untelevised event. The only way to witness the thrilling conclusion of the tournament and the crowning of the Great Lakes Champion is to be in the arena. This exclusivity promises to create an electrifying atmosphere, with every cheer, gasp, and roar of the crowd contributing to the raw and unfiltered wrestling experience.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to witness XPRO Wrestling history in the making. Secure your spot in the FedEx Forum today and be a part of the thrilling conclusion of the tournament.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit our website at

We look forward to seeing you at Aftershock 006!

About XPRO Wrestling: XPRO Wrestling is a Chicago-based fantasy pro wrestling game with wrestlers judged on five categories: readability, match relevance, description, creativity, and character development. XPRO Wrestling is the live touring brand that High Octane Wrestling ( uses for their non-televised events. XPRO runs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.