Local Talent Signs with XPRO


CHICAGO, IL – XPRO Wrestling is thrilled to announce the signing of a unique and exciting new talent, “The Educator” Eddie Masters. Eddie will be joining the XPRO roster, bringing his unique blend of educational discipline and wrestling prowess to our live touring brand.

Eddie Masters, a dedicated kindergarten teacher from a small town outside of Chicago, has been making waves in the local wrestling scene for his dual life as an educator and a wrestler. Known for his technical skills and strategic approach in the ring, Eddie has earned the moniker “The Educator.”

Eddie’s passion for wrestling was ignited in his childhood, growing up as a fan of High Octane Wrestling (HOW). He idolized the likes of Jatt Starr, Chris Kostoff, Darkwing, and other Hall of Famers, dreaming of one day sharing the same stage. Now, he brings that passion and respect for the sport to XPRO Wrestling.

His moveset, which includes “The Lesson Plan,” “The Timeout,” “The Final Bell,” “The Pop Quiz,” and “The Report Card,” showcases his deep understanding of wrestling, honed by years of studying the greats of HOW. Eddie’s approach to wrestling is as disciplined and strategic as his approach to teaching, making him a unique addition to our roster.

“We’re excited to welcome Eddie to the XPRO family,” said XPRO’s General Manager. “His passion for wrestling, combined with his unique backstory and impressive moveset, makes him a standout addition to our roster. We believe that Eddie will bring a fresh and exciting dynamic to our matches.”

Eddie Masters will make his XPRO debut in the coming weeks. Fans can look forward to seeing “The Educator” in action, bringing his unique brand of wrestling to the XPRO ring.

For more information about Eddie Masters and upcoming XPRO events, visit our website at www.xprowrestling.com.

About XPRO Wrestling XPRO Wrestling is the live touring brand that High Octane Wrestling (HOWrestling.com) uses for their non-televised events. XPRO runs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, bringing high-energy wrestling entertainment to fans across the country.