Aftershock 007 Results


The seventh Aftershock event for XPRO Wrestling took place at the GIANT Center in Hershey, PA. The night was filled with high-octane action, featuring a series of thrilling matches that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

The Great Lakes Champion, The Game Boy, made a grand entrance before the first match. The crowd roared in approval as he held his title aloft, a testament to his recent victory. He seized the microphone and addressed the crowd, his voice reverberating throughout the arena. He spoke of his impending title defense on August 12th at Aftershock 012 against an undisclosed opponent. His promise of a memorable match electrified the atmosphere, setting the stage for the night’s proceedings.

Match 1: “Wildman” Wyatt Walker vs. Deacon Jonas

The opening match of the seventh Aftershock event for XPRO Wrestling was a clash of titans, featuring the debuts of “Wildman” Wyatt Walker and Deacon Jonas. Walker, a brawler standing at 6’3″ and weighing 233lbs, faced off against the towering powerhouse Deacon Jonas, who stood at 6’10” and weighed a massive 480lbs. The match was a brutal display of power and agility, with Walker using his brawling style to deliver a series of powerful punches and body slams. Jonas, on the other hand, used his size and strength to his advantage, executing a series of powerful slams. However, it was Walker who emerged victorious, executing his finisher, the De-VINE Intervention, to secure his victory in his debut match.

Match 2: Kyle Shields vs. Justice Reynolds

The second bout saw Kyle Shields and Justice Reynolds in a head-to-head clash. Shields dazzled with his technical prowess, executing flawless arm drags, dropkicks, a northern lights suplex, and a stunning missile dropkick from the top rope. Reynolds showcased his brute strength with body slams, suplexes, a spear that shook the ring, and a devastating powerbomb. The match reached its climax when Shields caught Reynolds off guard with a swift roll-up pin, securing a hard-fought victory.

Match 3: The Stevens Dynasty vs. Spinebuster Island

The third contest was a tag team spectacle between The Stevens Dynasty and Spinebuster Island. The Stevens Dynasty’s superior teamwork was on full display as they executed a series of double-team maneuvers, including a double suplex, a double DDT, and a high-impact double powerbomb. Spinebuster Island retaliated with powerful slams, suplexes, and a double clothesline that sent The Stevens Dynasty crashing to the mat. However, The Stevens Dynasty sealed their victory with a breathtaking double-team finisher, a double cutter.

Match 4: Lexi Gold vs. Samantha Skylar

The fourth match saw Lexi Gold from SHOOT face off against Samantha Skylar. Gold captivated the audience with her technical wizardry, executing seamless arm drags, dropkicks, a hurricanrana, and a stunning moonsault from the top rope. Skylar retaliated with her raw power, delivering ferocious slams, suplexes, a clothesline, and a devastating powerbomb. The match ended with Gold snaring Skylar in a surprise submission hold, an armbar, forcing her to submit.

Match 5: Bobby Dean vs. Owen “Bulldozer” Wright

The penultimate contest featured Bobby Dean and Owen “Bulldozer” Wright. Dean mesmerized the crowd with his technical maneuvers, executing arm drags, dropkicks, a DDT, and a stunning frog splash from the top rope. Wright retaliated with his overwhelming power, delivering body slams, suplexes, a spear, and a thunderous powerbomb. The match reached its zenith when Dean executed his signature move, a devastating piledriver, securing the victory.

Main Event: QT Reese vs. Aaron Gray

In the main event, a highly anticipated showdown unfolded between the formidable duo of QT Reese, the newest XPRO signing,  and Aaron Gray from MVW.

Reese wasted no time taking charge, launching into an impressive barrage of arm drags and lightning-fast dropkicks. However, Gray, undeterred, swiftly countered with a display of raw power, unleashing a relentless onslaught of punishing body slams.

Just as it seemed one competitor would gain the upper hand, the tides shifted once again. Reese soared through the air, executing a near-flawless moonsault, each moment filled with anticipation. Yet, in a display of resilience, Gray retaliated with a mighty suplex, leaving everyone astonished.

The cheers and gasps from the crowd reached a fever pitch as Reese mustered every ounce of energy. With unparalleled precision, he soared through the sky, executing a breathtaking shooting star press that left onlookers in awe. Miraculously, Gray managed to summon the strength within to kick out, refusing to be defeated.

With both warriors showing unwavering determination, the match escalated to its pinnacle. Gray, unleashing an earth-shattering clothesline, seemed poised for victory. Yet, defying all odds, Reese summoned a surge of resilience, refusing to succumb. The intensity in the arena was palpable.

In a culmination of sheer grit and skill, Reese embarked on his final assault. He unleashed his signature move, the mighty Brown Star Press, with unparalleled precision. The culmination of their enthralling battle had arrived. As the referee’s hand slapped the mat for the final count, Reese emerged triumphant, the crowd erupting in rapturous applause.

As the crowd’s cheers filled the arena, Bobby Dean made his way down to the ring. He congratulated QT Reese on his victory, and the two men shared a warm embrace. In a surprising turn of events, Dean and Reese announced their entry into the XPRO Tag Team Championship tournament, set to begin at Aftershock 008. This announcement brought the night to a thrilling close, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next event.