Aftershock 009 Results


Aftershock 009 – Scope Arena, Norfolk, Virginia

In the heart of Norfolk’s Scope Arena, anticipation reached a fever pitch. Aftershock 009 was dedicated solely to the XPRO Tag Team Tournament. By the end of the night, the two finalist teams would be revealed, setting the stage for an epic showdown next Saturday at Aftershock 012.

Quarterfinal Match: #4 British Hospitality (sVo) vs. #12 The Rebel Society (sVo)

With the weight of the tournament’s progression on their shoulders, British Hospitality stepped into the ring, exuding a mix of confidence and focus. Hot on their heels, The Rebel Society made their presence felt, eyes set on not just this match, but the semifinals that awaited the victor.

The match saw British Hospitality employing a blend of traditional and innovative moves, trying to gain an early advantage. But The Rebel Society, led by the dynamic duo of Jai Marshall and Charlie Strickland, responded with agility and strategy, turning the tables more than once. The crowd, fully invested, reacted to every move, understanding the magnitude of this quarterfinal bout.

In a moment that captured the essence of the tournament, The Rebel Society spotted a lapse in British Hospitality’s defense, capitalizing with a move that left the crowd in awe. This led to a triumphant pin, propelling The Rebel Society one step closer to the finals. They’d have to muster their strength and strategy again for the semifinals later in the evening.

As the celebrations of The Rebel Society echoed in the arena, British Hospitality showed grace in their acknowledgment of the better team of the night. With this match setting the tempo, Aftershock 009 promised more thrilling tag team clashes, culminating in the revelation of the two teams destined for the finals by the end of the evening.

Quarterfinal Match: #3 Massive Savings vs. #11 Team Better Than You

The atmosphere in the Scope Arena intensified as Massive Savings, the dynamic duo of QT Reese and Bobby Dean, prepared to face off against Team Better Than You. With QT Reese’s recent singles victories and main event performances still fresh in everyone’s minds, the anticipation was palpable. Would Reese’s winning streak extend to the tag team realm?

The match commenced with Team Better Than You trying to assert dominance early on, leveraging their combined strengths and attempting to isolate Bobby Dean. Their tactics seemed to be working, as they managed to keep QT Reese at bay for a significant portion of the match. However, Massive Savings showcased their resilience and teamwork, with Bobby Dean creating openings and QT Reese capitalizing with his agility and in-ring intelligence. The crowd was treated to a series of high-octane exchanges, with momentum swinging between the two teams.

As the match neared its climax, QT Reese, fueled by his desire for tag team glory, managed to tag in after a strategic move by Bobby Dean. Together, they executed a spectacular tag team maneuver that left Team Better Than You reeling. Seizing the moment, Massive Savings secured the pin, marking their victory and advancing to the semifinals. The arena erupted in cheers, celebrating the continuation of QT Reese’s impressive run and the combined prowess of Massive Savings.

With this victory, Massive Savings not only moved one step closer to the finals but also solidified their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the XPRO Tag Team Tournament.

Quarterfinal Match: #2 Kings of the Wild Frontier (SHOOT) vs. #10 Weapons of Mass Destruction (XPRO)

The energy in the Scope Arena shifted as the Kings of the Wild Frontier from SHOOT prepared to clash with the formidable Weapons of Mass Destruction representing XPRO. Both teams, known for their unique styles and fierce determination, were eager to prove their supremacy and advance in the tournament.

The match began with the Kings of the Wild Frontier showcasing their signature blend of agility and technical prowess. Their coordinated attacks seemed to catch Weapons of Mass Destruction off guard initially. However, the Weapons of Mass Destruction, known for their raw power and aggressive tactics, soon found their footing. A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb began to unleash a series of powerful moves, attempting to overpower their opponents. The match became a true test of skill versus strength, with both teams pulling out all the stops to gain the upper hand.

In a nail-biting finale, the Kings of the Wild Frontier managed to outmaneuver their opponents, using their speed and teamwork to create an opening. Capitalizing on this, they executed a stunning tag team move, catching the Weapons of Mass Destruction off guard. This led to a decisive pin, sealing their victory and earning them a spot in the semifinals.

The crowd’s reaction was a mix of admiration for the Kings of the Wild Frontier’s strategy and surprise at the outcome. As the victors celebrated their hard-fought win, the Weapons of Mass Destruction regrouped, acknowledging the skill and determination of their opponents. The stage was set for our final quarterfinal match of the tournament.

Quarterfinal Match: #1 The Patriot Act (sVo) vs. # 8 The Starr Brothers (sVo)

The Scope Arena’s ambiance shifted to heightened anticipation as The Patriot Act, sVo’s top-seeded team, stepped into the spotlight. Their opponents, The Starr Brothers, also hailing from sVo, entered with a determined stride, ready to challenge the favorites.

From the onset, The Patriot Act demonstrated why they held the #1 seed, employing a mix of tactical prowess and sheer strength. Their synchronized attacks seemed to momentarily stagger The Starr Brothers. However, Darren and Simon Starr, known for their resilience and adaptability, began to weave a tapestry of counterattacks and high-flying maneuvers. The match evolved into a chess game of wrestling, with each team anticipating the other’s moves and countering with precision.

As the bout reached its zenith, The Starr Brothers managed to catch a member of The Patriot Act in a well-timed trap. But, showcasing their top-tier status, The Patriot Act quickly regrouped, delivering a masterful combination move that left The Starr Brothers stunned. This pivotal moment allowed The Patriot Act to secure the pin, confirming their place in the semifinals.

The arena resonated with applause, acknowledging the skillful display from both teams. While The Patriot Act moved forward with their eyes on the prize, The Starr Brothers exited with heads held high, having given the top seeds a run for their money. The tournament’s stakes continued to rise as fans eagerly awaited the next clash.

Segment: The Game Boy’s Open Challenge

The lights in the Scope Arena dimmed momentarily before flashing in vibrant hues of red and green. The unmistakable 8-bit theme of The Game Boy, XPRO’s Great Lakes Champion, blared through the speakers. As he confidently strode down the ramp, the championship belt gleaming on his shoulder, the crowd’s reaction was a mix of cheers and boos.

Reaching the center of the ring, The Game Boy grabbed a microphone, his eyes scanning the audience. “XPRO, SHOOT, MVW, sVo,” he began, his voice dripping with confidence, “I stand here, the Great Lakes Champion, and I’ve beaten the best that XPRO has to offer. But I’m not satisfied.”

He paused, letting the weight of his words sink in. “I’ve watched wrestlers from all these promotions, and honestly? I’m not impressed. Whether you’re a top dog in SHOOT, a rising star in MVW, or think you’re the next big thing in sVo, I’ve got news for you: you’re all playing in my game now.”

The crowd’s reaction grew louder, a mix of admiration for his audacity and disdain for his arrogance. Unfazed, The Game Boy continued, “So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m issuing an open challenge for Aftershock 012. Any wrestler, from any promotion, who thinks they have what it takes to dethrone the champion, step up. Because I’m not just playing to win; I’m playing to dominate.”

Dropping the microphone with a resounding thud, The Game Boy raised his championship belt high, the arena’s lights reflecting off its surface. The segment concluded with him standing tall in the ring, the challenge laid bare for all to see, setting the stage for a potential showdown at Aftershock 012.

Semi-Final Match of the Tag Team Tournament: #1 The Patriot Act vs. #12 The Rebel Society

In the midst of the Scope Arena’s charged atmosphere, two teams stood ready for a clash that would determine their fate in the Tag Team Tournament. The Patriot Act, their muscles still tense from their recent bout, locked eyes with their opponents across the ring. The Rebel Society, having defied expectations time and again, exuded a quiet confidence, their eyes gleaming with the promise of another upset.

The initial moments of the match were a blur of motion. The Rebel Society’s Jai Marshall and Charlie Strickland darted around, weaving a pattern of swift strikes and evasive maneuvers. Their intent was clear: to capitalize on any lingering fatigue in their opponents. Their moves were fluid, a dance of agility and precision.

But The Patriot Act were not top seeds without reason. They anchored themselves, absorbing the initial onslaught and responding with deliberate, powerful counters. Their experience shone through as they adapted, shifting their strategy to match the pace set by The Rebel Society.

As minutes turned into what felt like hours, the two teams were locked in a fierce tug of war for dominance. Just when it seemed The Rebel Society had gained the upper hand, The Patriot Act would rally, showcasing their resilience and determination.

The climax of the match was a testament to the spirit of competition. The Rebel Society, in a burst of energy, seemed poised to seal their place in the finals. But, in a heart-stopping reversal, The Patriot Act managed to land a decisive move, pinning their adversaries and cementing their spot in the tournament’s grand finale.

The crowd’s applause was deafening, a salute to the skill and heart displayed by both teams. The Patriot Act moved forward, but The Rebel Society left the ring with heads held high.

Main Event – Semi-Final Match of the Tag Team Tournament: #3 Massive Savings vs. #2 Kings of the Wild Frontier

Inside the Scope Arena, the atmosphere was electric. The main event was upon them, and the crowd was ready. Massive Savings’ QT Reese and Bobby Dean entered to a chorus of “REESEMART” and “Yellow Dye #5” chants. Their opponents, Kings of the Wild Frontier, took a moment at the top of the ramp, then confidently approached the ring.

The match began with a fast-paced exchange. QT Reese locked horns with one of the Kings, executing a series of arm drags followed by a dropkick that sent his opponent reeling. Bobby Dean wasn’t far behind, showcasing his strength with a belly-to-belly suplex. The Kings, however, were seasoned competitors. They retaliated with a double team move, a combination of a backbreaker and a flying elbow drop.

The action was relentless. QT Reese displayed his agility with a springboard moonsault, while Bobby Dean caught an opponent in a spinning sidewalk slam. The Kings responded with synchronized kicks and a double DDT, nearly securing a pin, but Reese broke the count just in time.

The crowd was fully invested, reacting to every near fall. At one point, Bobby Dean was isolated in the corner, taking a barrage of chops and strikes. But a hot tag to QT Reese shifted the momentum. Reese unleashed a flurry of offense, including a tornado DDT and a top rope leg drop.

As the match neared its conclusion, both teams pulled out all the stops. The Kings attempted their signature double powerbomb, but Massive Savings countered, leading to a superkick from Reese and a spinebuster from Dean. With the crowd on their feet, Massive Savings executed their finishing move, a combination cutter and frog splash, pinning the Kings.

The victory was hard-fought, but the night wasn’t over. As Massive Savings celebrated, The Patriot Act made their way to the ring. The two teams, now finalists, locked eyes. Words weren’t needed; their intense gaze said it all. Aftershock 009 concluded with a promise: the final match would be one for the ages. The screen faded to black with the promise of an epic final match next Saturday.