Aftershock 011 Results


The 11th Aftershock show for XPRO Wrestling unfolded at the Propst Arena in Huntsville, Alabama. As the crowd’s anticipation reached a fever pitch, the lights dimmed, and the signature theme of Aftershock reverberated through the speakers. Fans from every corner of the arena were on their feet, their cheers echoing the passion and excitement that only XPRO could deliver. The stage was adorned with dazzling lights and pyrotechnics, setting the mood for an unforgettable night of wrestling action.

Backstage, interviewers Mark Bennett and Allison Clark were ready to capture the thoughts and strategies of the night’s competitors. In the ring, referees Mark “The Law” Thompson, Sarah Mitchell, and Tony “The Enforcer” Russo prepared to oversee the matches with their unique blend of strict rule enforcement and keen understanding of the wrestling world.

As the camera panned across the sea of ecstatic fans, many sporting their favorite wrestler’s merchandise, the air was thick with anticipation. The Huntsville crowd knew that they were about to witness an extraordinary display of athleticism, creativity, and character development that only XPRO Wrestling could provide. The stage was set, and Aftershock was about to begin.

Match 1: Alex Toushi vs. Drew Mitchell

The opening match of the 11th Aftershock show for XPRO Wrestling featured a thrilling contest between Alex Toushi and Drew Mitchell.

Alex Toushi, known for his high-flying style, started the match with a series of quick strikes and aerial maneuvers, displaying his agility and speed. His signature move, the “Izuna Drop,” was a looming threat throughout the match.

Drew Mitchell, a rookie with a powerful finisher called the “Tenchi Crush,” countered Toushi’s early onslaught with his strength and technical skills. Mitchell’s ground game and well-timed reversals showcased his wrestling prowess.

As the match progressed, both wrestlers had their moments of dominance, with near-falls and dramatic reversals keeping the audience engaged. Toushi’s experience was matched by Mitchell’s raw power and determination.

In the closing moments of the match, Toushi attempted his “Izuna Drop,” but Mitchell managed to counter, setting up for his “Tenchi Crush.” The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Mitchell executed the move, only for Toushi to escape at the last second.

The final sequence saw a rapid exchange of strikes, counters, and high-risk moves. In a breathtaking finish, Toushi finally landed the “Izuna Drop,” driving Mitchell’s head into the mat and securing the pinfall victory.

The match was a hard-fought battle, with both wrestlers showcasing their unique styles and abilities. Alex Toushi’s victory was a highlight of the evening, but Drew Mitchell’s performance ensured that he remains a wrestler to watch in the future.

Match 2: Hugo Ryzing (sVo) vs. Kyle Driver

The second match of the evening brought together two distinct personalities in the ring: Hugo Ryzing from sVo and Kyle Driver. Their clash was filled with unexpected twists and a display of contrasting wrestling techniques.

Hugo Ryzing, representing sVo, is a towering figure with a reputation for overpowering his opponents. His brute strength and intimidating presence were evident from the outset, as he sought to dominate Kyle Driver with powerful slams and crushing holds.

Kyle Driver, on the other hand, is known for his aerial prowess and the “Kyle Driver,” a front face body slam. He relied on his agility and quick thinking to evade Ryzing’s attacks, often turning defense into offense with well-timed leaps and dives.

The match unfolded with Ryzing attempting to ground Driver, using his size advantage to control the pace. Driver’s resilience and ability to adapt were key, as he found openings to land strikes and execute high-flying moves that kept Ryzing off balance.

Midway through the bout, Ryzing seemed to have Driver cornered, but a sudden reversal allowed Driver to gain momentum. The crowd was electrified as Driver’s speed and precision began to wear down Ryzing’s defenses.

In a critical moment, Driver attempted his signature “Kyle Driver,” but Ryzing’s sheer strength allowed him to counter, turning the tide once again. The two wrestlers continued to trade advantages, each landing impactful moves that brought the audience to their feet.

As the match reached its climax, Ryzing’s power seemed to give him the edge, but Driver’s determination and innovative offense kept him in the fight. In a stunning finale, Driver managed to execute the “Kyle Driver” successfully, pinning Ryzing for the three-count.

Kyle Driver’s victory over Hugo Ryzing was a testament to his skill, strategy, and heart. The match was a captivating blend of power and agility, with both wrestlers showcasing their unique attributes. Ryzing’s raw strength and Driver’s acrobatic finesse made for an engaging contest that added to the excitement of the 11th Aftershock show.

Match 3: CICADA (SHOOT) vs. Devin Skylar

The third bout of the evening featured an intriguing matchup between CICADA from SHOOT and Devin Skylar. This contest was marked by a blend of mystery and raw athleticism, as both competitors brought their unique flair to the ring.

CICADA, hailing from SHOOT, is an enigmatic figure known for his unorthodox style and psychological warfare. His entrance alone set a chilling tone, and his unpredictable movements kept both the audience and his opponent guessing.

Devin Skylar, a powerhouse standing at 6’8″, is renowned for his “Ragnarok,” a devastating crucifix powerbomb. His physicality and intensity were on full display as he sought to impose his will on CICADA.

From the opening bell, CICADA’s elusive tactics were juxtaposed with Skylar’s brute force. CICADA danced around the ring, using feints and misdirection to confound Skylar, while Skylar responded with thunderous blows and powerful grapples.

The match’s dynamics shifted frequently, with CICADA employing a range of submission holds, strikes, and mind games. Skylar’s response was to leverage his strength, lifting and slamming CICADA with authority.

As the bout wore on, CICADA’s psychological tactics began to take a toll on Skylar. A series of well-placed kicks and unexpected maneuvers allowed CICADA to gain control, putting Skylar on the defensive.

Skylar, however, was far from defeated. He rallied, showcasing his resilience and determination. A sequence of high-impact moves brought him back into contention, and the crowd roared in approval as he lifted CICADA for a near-perfect “Ragnarok.”

In a match filled with twists, the ending was no exception. Just when it seemed Skylar had the victory within reach, CICADA managed to slip free, countering with a lightning-fast strike that left Skylar stunned. Seizing the opportunity, CICADA quickly pinned Skylar, securing a surprising victory.

Match 4: Kitsune (SHOOT) vs. NECKBONE Jones

The fourth match of the evening presented a clash of styles and personalities, as Kitsune from SHOOT took on NECKBONE Jones. This bout was filled with contrasts, as the mystical and agile Kitsune faced the hardcore and imposing NECKBONE Jones.

Kitsune, a representative of SHOOT, is known for his grace and mystique. His movements are fluid and deceptive, and his wrestling style is a blend of martial arts and traditional wrestling techniques.

NECKBONE Jones, standing at an impressive 6’11”, is a hardcore wrestler with a no-nonsense approach. His signature move, the “THROATPUNCH Jones,” is as straightforward and devastating as it sounds.

As the match began, Kitsune’s finesse was evident. He glided around the ring, landing precise strikes and evading NECKBONE’s powerful attacks. His acrobatics and quick reflexes kept NECKBONE off balance, as he sought to control the pace of the match.

NECKBONE, however, was undeterred. His sheer size and strength allowed him to absorb Kitsune’s blows, and he responded with crushing slams and ferocious punches. His aggressive style was a stark contrast to Kitsune’s elegance, and the tension between the two wrestlers was palpable.

The middle of the match saw Kitsune attempting to wear down NECKBONE with submission holds and targeted strikes. NECKBONE’s resilience was on display, as he fought through the pain and countered with his own brand of brutality.

As the bout reached its latter stages, NECKBONE began to gain the upper hand. His relentless offense wore down Kitsune’s defenses, and the crowd sensed a shift in momentum.

In a dramatic turn of events, Kitsune mounted a comeback, displaying his agility and creativity. A series of near-falls had the audience on the edge of their seats, as both wrestlers seemed poised for victory.

However, NECKBONE’s determination and raw power proved to be the deciding factors. In a moment that brought the crowd to its feet, he landed the “THROATPUNCH Jones,” a move as decisive as it was brutal. The impact left Kitsune reeling, and NECKBONE quickly capitalized, pinning him for the win.

NECKBONE Jones’s victory over Kitsune was a hard-earned triumph that showcased his toughness and tenacity. The match was a captivating battle of wills, with each wrestler’s unique attributes contributing to a memorable contest.

Main Event: Scott Hunter vs. High Octane Wrestling Hall of Famer Benny Newell

In a match that symbolized the essence of professional wrestling, Scott Hunter faced off against the High Octane Wrestling Hall of Famer Benny Newell. This main event was not just another bout; it was Benny Newell’s third match in XPRO since his remarkable return from retirement.

Scott Hunter, known for his “Figure Four Leg Lock” and versatile wrestling style, was determined to make a mark against a true legend of the sport. Benny Newell, on the other hand, was back in the ring after decades, his knee issues a thing of the past, and his passion for wrestling reignited.

The match began with a respectful acknowledgment between the two competitors, setting the tone for a contest that would be as much about honor as victory. They engaged in a back-and-forth battle, with Hunter’s modern techniques meeting Newell’s classic approach.

As the bout wore on, the drama escalated. Hunter’s relentless pursuit of victory saw him targeting Newell’s knee, but the Hall of Famer’s experience and resilience shone through. Newell countered Hunter’s attacks with veteran savvy, displaying the skill that had made him a legend.

The crowd was fully invested in the unfolding story, reacting to every near-fall and reversal. Newell’s return to the ring had captured the imagination of fans, and his performance was a testament to his enduring ability.

In the closing stages, the match reached a fever pitch. Hunter managed to lock in his signature submission, but Newell’s determination saw him fight through the pain. The reversal of the “Figure Four Leg Lock” was a turning point, shifting the momentum in Newell’s favor.

The final moments were filled with tension and excitement. Both wrestlers gave their all, but it was Benny Newell’s experience that proved decisive. Seizing the opportunity, he executed his piledriver finisher with devastating precision.

The impact was thunderous, and the crowd erupted as Newell pinned Hunter to secure the victory. It was a win that transcended the match itself, symbolizing Newell’s triumphant return to the sport he loved.

Closing Segment: A Night to Remember

As the 11th Aftershock Show of XPRO Wrestling came to a close, the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in the arena was palpable. The night had been filled with thrilling matches, unexpected twists, and the return of a legend, Benny Newell, to victory.

From the opening bout to the main event, the wrestlers had given their all, showcasing a blend of skill, passion, and creativity. The fans had been treated to a diverse array of wrestling styles, each match offering something unique and engaging.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Benny Newell’s triumphant win in his third match since returning from retirement. His victory over Scott Hunter had been a masterclass in wrestling, and the crowd’s reaction was a testament to the emotional connection they felt with the performers.

As the final cheers echoed through the venue, the fans began to make their way home, their faces lit with smiles and their hearts filled with the joy of having witnessed a truly special night of wrestling.

The wrestlers, too, could feel the love and appreciation from the crowd, knowing that they had delivered a show that would be remembered for years to come.

The 11th Aftershock Show was a celebration of everything that makes professional wrestling great. It was a night that honored the past, embraced the present, and looked to the future with excitement and anticipation.