Aftershock 012 Results


Opening Segment:

The 12th Aftershock show opened with a bang, as the arena was filled with the roar of excited fans, eager for the night’s action. The lights dimmed, and the big screen came to life, showcasing highlights from the XPRO Tag Team Tournament. The journey of The Patriot Act from sVo and Massive Savings was chronicled, their paths to the finals filled with sweat, determination, and unforgettable moments.

The arena’s energy reached a fever pitch as the opening segment concluded, the fans knowing that they were about to witness history.

XPRO Tag Team Tournament Finals

The Patriot Act (sVo) vs. Massive Savings (QT Reese & Bobby Dean)

In the electrifying opening match of the 12th Aftershock show, the stage was set for a clash of titans. The Patriot Act from sVo faced off against Massive Savings in the finals of the XPRO Tag Team Tournament. The stakes were high, and the air was thick with anticipation, as the winning team would be crowned the first-ever XPRO Tag Team Champions.

The Patriot Act, a team known for their unbreakable spirit and relentless pursuit of victory, entered the ring with determination in their eyes. Across from them stood Massive Savings, a duo comprised of the agile QT Reese and the charismatic Bobby Dean. Both teams were aware that this was their moment, a chance to etch their names into the annals of XPRO Wrestling history.

As the bell rang, the match began with a furious exchange of blows, each team trying to assert dominance early on. The Patriot Act’s tactical prowess was on full display as they executed a series of well-coordinated moves, putting Massive Savings on the defensive. But QT Reese and Bobby Dean were not to be outdone. They responded with a combination of speed and finesse, turning the tide and gaining the upper hand.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the match swung back and forth, neither team giving an inch. The Patriot Act’s strength and resilience were matched by Massive Savings’ creativity and flair. Every pin attempt was met with a kick-out, every submission hold countered, every high-flying move dodged or reversed.

As the match reached its climax, the tension in the arena was palpable. Both teams had given their all, and it was clear that victory could go either way. In a moment that would be replayed and remembered, QT Reese pulled off an incredible aerial maneuver, catching one of The Patriot Act’s members off guard. Bobby Dean followed up with a devastating finisher, and the referee’s hand hit the mat for the three-count.

The arena erupted in cheers as Massive Savings were declared the winners, their hands raised in triumph. They were the first-ever XPRO Tag Team Champions, a title they had earned through skill, determination, and teamwork. The Patriot Act, though defeated, left the ring with heads held high, having fought a battle that would be talked about for years to come.

“Wildman” Wyatt Walker vs. “Beastly” Benjamin Bennett

The second match of the evening brought together two of XPRO’s most dynamic wrestlers, “Wildman” Wyatt Walker and “Beastly” Benjamin Bennett, in a one-on-one match where Bennett was making his XPRO Debut.

From the moment the bell rang, the contrast in styles was evident. Wyatt Walker, living up to his “Wildman” moniker, unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks, moving around the ring with frenzied energy. On the other hand, Benjamin Bennett, true to his “Beastly” nickname, relied on his brute strength, overpowering Walker with powerful slams and holds.

The match was a seesaw battle, with momentum shifting between the two competitors. Walker’s agility allowed him to escape Bennett’s clutches on several occasions, while Bennett’s raw power kept Walker on the defensive. The crowd was fully invested in the action, cheering and gasping as the two wrestlers traded blows and executed high-risk maneuvers.

As the match wore on, the intensity increased. Walker managed to land his signature “De-VINE Intervention,” but Bennett kicked out just in time. Bennett responded with his “Unleash The Beast” finisher, but Walker showed resilience, escaping the pinfall.

The turning point came when Walker attempted a daring leap from the top rope, only to be caught in mid-air by Bennett, who turned it into a devastating slam. Capitalizing on this moment, Bennett locked in a submission hold, forcing Walker to tap out.

The victory went to “Beastly” Benjamin Bennett, but both wrestlers left the ring to a standing ovation, having delivered a match filled with drama, excitement, and athleticism.

Backstage Interview with The Game Boy, XPRO’s Great Lakes Champion

Interviewer Mark Bennett: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with The Game Boy, XPRO’s Great Lakes Champion, who will be defending his title in tonight’s Main Event in an open challenge. Game Boy, thank you for joining us. How are you feeling about tonight’s match, and what are your thoughts on issuing an open challenge?”

The Game Boy: “Mark, thanks for having me. You know, being the Great Lakes Champion isn’t just about holding a title; it’s about proving that you’re the best, day in and day out. An open challenge? It’s the ultimate test. It’s about showing the world that I’m not afraid to take on anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

Mark Bennett: “That’s a bold statement. Aren’t you concerned about not knowing who your opponent will be? How do you prepare for the unknown?”

The Game Boy: “Concerned? No, Mark, I’m excited. The unknown is what makes this business thrilling. I’ve faced all kinds of opponents in my career, and I’ve adapted to every situation. I’m the Great Lakes Champion for a reason. Whoever decides to step up tonight, they better be ready, because I’m bringing my A-game.”

Mark Bennett: “Your confidence is certainly palpable. But some critics say that an open challenge might be a reckless move, especially with so many hungry competitors in the locker room. What’s your response to that?”

The Game Boy: “Reckless? Maybe. But greatness isn’t achieved by playing it safe. I’m here to make a statement, to show that I’m not just a champion but THE champion. Let the critics talk; I’ll do my talking in the ring. Whoever wants a shot at this title, they’ll get it. But they’ll have to go through me, and that’s no easy task.”

Mark Bennett: “Strong words from a determined champion. One last question, Game Boy. What message do you have for whoever accepts your challenge tonight?”

The Game Boy: “To whoever’s brave enough to step into that ring with me tonight, know this: I respect your courage, but don’t mistake that for weakness. I’m the Great Lakes Champion, and I didn’t get here by accident. Bring your best, because I’ll be bringing mine. And when the dust settles, I’ll still be holding this title. Game on.”

Mark Bennett: “Thank you, Game Boy, and good luck tonight. Back to you at ringside.”

With a determined look in his eyes, The Game Boy left the interview area, his focus clearly on the task ahead. The open challenge had set the stage for an unpredictable and exciting Main Event, and the anticipation for the match was at an all-time high. The Great Lakes Champion had thrown down the gauntlet, and the XPRO universe was eager to see who would answer the call.

Lexi Gold vs. Amber Topaz

The third match of the night featured a compelling contest between two of XPRO’s talented full-time female wrestlers, Lexi Gold and Amber Topaz. The anticipation was palpable as both competitors made their way to the ring, each determined to prove her mettle.

As the match commenced, Lexi and Amber engaged in a series of intricate grappling exchanges, demonstrating their technical prowess. Lexi’s agility allowed her to evade Amber’s powerful strikes, while Amber’s experience helped her counter some of Lexi’s most innovative maneuvers.

The bout was filled with moments of brilliance, as both wrestlers showcased their all-around skills. Lexi’s speed and precision were matched by Amber’s strength and ring savvy. The crowd was fully invested, cheering for both competitors as they delivered a masterclass in wrestling.

In a pivotal moment, Lexi managed to escape Amber’s “Topaz Lock,” turning the tide in her favor. Capitalizing on this momentum, Lexi executed a series of impressive moves, culminating in her signature “The Serpent’s Sting.” The impact left Amber stunned, and Lexi seized the opportunity, pinning her for the three-count.

The victory was awarded to Lexi Gold, but both competitors earned the respect and admiration of the fans. The match was a celebration of women’s wrestling in XPRO, highlighting the depth of talent and the bright future of the division.

Lexi’s hand was raised in triumph, her smile reflecting the joy of victory and the satisfaction of a hard-fought battle. The third match of the evening was a memorable encounter, adding to the excitement of the 12th Aftershock show and setting the stage for the thrilling bouts to come.

Alex Toushi vs. Scott Stevens

The fourth bout of the night brought together two distinct personalities in Alex Toushi and Scott Stevens, igniting a clash that had the crowd divided in their support.

Alex Toushi, known for his high-flying style and his finisher, the “Izuna Drop,” entered the ring with a confident swagger. Across from him, Scott Stevens, a brawler with a reputation for toughness, stood ready, his “Game Changer” Spike Piledriver feared by many.

From the opening bell, the match was a rollercoaster of emotions. Toushi’s aerial acrobatics were met with Stevens’ grounded assault, creating a thrilling contrast. The crowd’s allegiance was torn, with cheers and chants echoing for both competitors, reflecting the split in fan support.

Toushi’s daring leaps and flips were a spectacle to behold, but Stevens’ brute force and tactical approach kept him in the match. Several near-falls had fans on the edge of their seats, as both wrestlers seemed on the brink of victory at different moments.

The turning point came when Toushi attempted a high-risk maneuver from the top rope, only to be caught by Stevens, who turned it into a devastating counter. However, Toushi’s resilience shone through as he managed to escape a pin attempt.

In the final moments, the tension reached its peak. Stevens seemed poised to land his “Game Changer,” but Toushi’s agility allowed him to evade and execute his “Izuna Drop.” The crowd’s reaction was deafening as Toushi covered Stevens for the pin, securing the win.

The match’s conclusion left the audience in awe, as both competitors had given their all in a contest that showcased their unique abilities. Alex Toushi’s victory was hard-fought, and Scott Stevens’ performance was equally commendable.

As Toushi celebrated, the crowd’s mixed reaction continued, reflecting the polarizing nature of the match. The fourth bout of the evening had delivered an unforgettable experience, adding to the momentum of the 12th Aftershock show and leaving fans eagerly anticipating what was to come.

Mysterious Arrival Segment:

As the 12th Aftershock show continued to unfold, the cameras suddenly cut to a scene outside the arena. The night’s excitement took an unexpected turn as a sleek black limousine pulled up to the entrance.

The crowd inside the arena, catching a glimpse of the scene on the big screens, erupted into a frenzy of speculation and anticipation. Whispers and murmurs filled the air as fans began to wonder who could be arriving in such grand fashion.

The limo’s doors opened, and a figure, shrouded in mystery, emerged. Dressed in dark clothing and obscured by a hood, the individual’s identity was carefully concealed. The camera angles were calculated, offering no clues, only adding to the intrigue.

Security personnel quickly surrounded the hooded figure, escorting them into the arena with a sense of urgency. The crowd’s excitement reached a fever pitch as theories and guesses were exchanged. Was it a returning legend? A new signing? Someone with a score to settle?

The commentators played up the mystery, their voices filled with curiosity and wonder. Social media channels were abuzz with fans sharing their thoughts and predictions, the speculation spreading like wildfire.

As the segment concluded, the image of the black limo and the enigmatic hooded figure lingered in the minds of everyone watching. The unexpected arrival had added a layer of intrigue to an already thrilling night, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what surprises the rest of the evening might hold.

Drew Mitchell vs. Chick Raynes

The fifth contest of the night featured Drew Mitchell, a promising rookie, taking on the unique and enigmatic Chick Raynes. The atmosphere was charged, with fans eager to see how these two contrasting styles would mesh in the ring.

Drew Mitchell, known for his “Tenchi Crush,” a sit-out variation of the Styles Clash, displayed a level of confidence and skill that belied his rookie status. Chick Raynes, on the other hand, brought a quirky and unpredictable style to the match, his “The Raynes Drop” Swanton Bomb being a crowd favorite.

The match began with a series of tactical exchanges, Mitchell using his technical ability to gain an early advantage, while Raynes relied on his creativity and unorthodox approach to keep his opponent guessing.

Raynes’ agility allowed him to escape some of Mitchell’s most potent attacks, turning the match into a seesaw battle. The crowd was fully engaged, appreciating the blend of skill and entertainment that both wrestlers provided.

As the match progressed, Mitchell’s determination began to shine through. His focus on executing precise and impactful moves wore down Raynes, who continued to fight back with flair and panache.

In a climactic sequence, Raynes attempted his signature Swanton Bomb, only for Mitchell to roll out of harm’s way. Seizing the moment, Mitchell quickly lifted Raynes into position for his “Tenchi Crush,” driving him face-first into his knees.

The impact was decisive, and Mitchell covered Raynes for the victory. The crowd acknowledged both competitors with applause, recognizing the quality of the match.

Drew Mitchell’s win further solidified his status as a rising star in XPRO, while Chick Raynes’ performance added to his reputation as an entertaining and capable wrestler.

Hugo Ryzing vs. Dante Lorenzo

In the sixth bout of the night, the towering Hugo Ryzing from sVo faced off against the powerful Dante Lorenzo. Both competitors were known for their sheer strength, and the match promised to be a clash of titans.

Hugo Ryzing, a force to be reckoned with, entered the ring with an air of dominance. His opponent, Dante Lorenzo, known for his “Painaroni” Full Nelson, was equally imposing, and the stage was set for a battle of strength and will.

From the outset, the match was a physical affair, with both competitors trying to assert their power. Hugo’s raw strength was met with Dante’s strategic approach, as they engaged in a series of lock-ups, takedowns, and power moves.

The crowd was captivated by the intensity of the contest, as Hugo and Dante traded blows, each attempting to gain the upper hand. The sound of their collisions reverberated throughout the arena, a testament to the force behind their attacks.

Dante’s resilience was on display as he withstood Hugo’s onslaught, countering with powerful slams and holds of his own. However, Hugo’s relentless aggression began to wear Dante down, and the momentum slowly shifted in his favor.

In a defining moment, Hugo caught Dante in a bear hug, squeezing the air out of him and weakening his resolve. Dante fought valiantly to escape, but Hugo’s grip was unyielding.

With Dante weakened, Hugo executed a series of devastating moves, culminating in a thunderous slam that left Dante incapacitated. The referee’s count reached three, and Hugo Ryzing was declared the victor.

The match’s conclusion was a statement of Hugo’s strength and dominance, as he stood tall over his fallen opponent. Dante’s performance was commendable, but on this night, Hugo’s power was insurmountable.

Special Video Package Segment:

As the excitement of the 12th Aftershock show continued to build, the fans in attendance were treated to a special video package. The lights dimmed, and the big screens came to life, showcasing a carefully crafted recap of recent results from across the wrestling world.

The video began with highlights from SHOOT Project, featuring intense action, dramatic moments, and the outcomes of key matches. The fans were captivated by the skill and passion on display, reliving some of the most memorable moments from SHOOT’s recent events.

Next, the focus shifted to sVo (Sanctioned Violence Organization), where a montage of thrilling bouts, rivalries, and victories played out. The sVo’s unique blend of violence and storytelling was highlighted, offering fans a glimpse into the organization’s latest developments.

The video then transitioned to Missouri Valley Wrestling (MVW), showcasing the heart and soul of the promotion. The recap featured standout performances, title changes, and the emotional highs and lows that make MVW a beloved part of the wrestling landscape.

Finally, the package turned to High Octane Wrestling (HOW), presenting a fast-paced overview of recent matches, feuds, and triumphs. HOW’s reputation for high-octane action was on full display, leaving fans exhilarated and eager for more.

The video concluded with a unifying message, celebrating the global wrestling community and the shared passion that connects fans and performers alike. The crowd erupted into applause, appreciating the effort and artistry that went into creating the video package.

The segment served as a reminder of the rich tapestry of professional wrestling, highlighting the diversity and excitement that different promotions bring to the sport. It was a fitting tribute to the world of wrestling, adding depth and context to the 12th Aftershock show and enhancing the overall experience for the fans in attendance.

Main Event of the Evening:

The arena was filled with anticipation as the main event of the 12th Aftershock show was set to begin. The Game Boy, the beloved Great Lakes Champion, entered the ring first, the championship belt gleaming around his waist. The crowd’s cheers were a clear endorsement of their favorite.

Suddenly a man appeared from the back and it was none other than the disgraced grandson of the GOD of HOW. Tyler Best’s entrance was met with a chorus of boos, the crowd’s disapproval evident in their jeers and taunts. There was no love lost between these two competitors, and the tension was palpable as they faced off.

The match started with a fierce lock-up, both wrestlers jockeying for position. Tyler quickly showed his willingness to play dirty, raking The Game Boy’s eyes to gain the upper hand. He followed with a series of vicious chops and a snap suplex, attempting to assert his dominance early.

The Game Boy responded with agility and finesse, landing a beautiful dropkick that sent Tyler reeling. He then executed a perfectly timed hurricanrana, followed by a springboard moonsault, displaying his high-flying prowess.

Tyler, however, was relentless in his pursuit of victory. He targeted The Game Boy’s legs with a series of leg sweeps and a crippling figure-four leglock, attempting to neutralize his opponent’s speed and agility.

The Game Boy fought back with heart and determination, breaking free from the hold and landing a series of forearm strikes. He then surprised Tyler with a Tornado DDT, followed by a diving crossbody from the top rope.

The match continued to ebb and flow, with both wrestlers showcasing their unique styles and abilities. Tyler’s power and cunning were matched by The Game Boy’s creativity and resilience.

In a controversial moment, Tyler managed to distract the referee and land a low blow on The Game Boy. He then capitalized with a devastating powerbomb, followed by a near-fall that had the crowd holding their breath.

The Game Boy rallied, feeding off the crowd’s energy. He landed a series of kicks and a spinning heel kick that left Tyler staggered. He then executed his signature “Handheld Choke Slam,” only for Tyler to kick out at the last moment.

The final moments of the match were filled with drama and suspense. Tyler, desperate to win, pulled out a concealed object and struck The Game Boy when the referee was not looking. He then hit his finishing move and pinned The Game Boy for the three-count.

The crowd’s reaction was one of shock and anger as Tyler Best was declared the new Great Lakes Champion. His victory, achieved through deceit and treachery, left a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans.

Post-Match Segment:

The arena was still buzzing from the controversial ending of the main event when the ominous music of NECKBONE Jones hit the speakers. The crowd’s attention shifted as the imposing figure of NECKBONE made his way to the ring, his eyes fixed on the new Great Lakes Champion, Tyler Best.

Tyler, still basking in his victory, was caught off guard as NECKBONE stormed the ring and attacked him without warning. The assault was brutal and relentless, with NECKBONE landing a series of powerful throat punches that left Tyler reeling.

The Game Boy, recovering from the match, attempted to intervene but was met with a vicious beatdown from NECKBONE. The chaos in the ring escalated, the crowd’s excitement reaching a fever pitch.

Suddenly, the newly crowned tag team champions, Massive Savings, made their presence felt. QT Reese and Bobby Dean came running down the ramp, their tag titles in hand, and stormed the ring.

The tag champs wasted no time in asserting their dominance, attacking both NECKBONE and The Game Boy with a flurry of punches, kicks, and high-impact moves. Their teamwork and aggression were on full display as they cleaned house, leaving their opponents laid out on the mat.

QT Reese then turned his attention to Tyler Best, who was still recovering from NECKBONE’s attack. With a sinister grin, he picked up the Great Lakes Championship and held it above his head, a clear message to the new champion.

The show came to a close with the tag champs standing tall in the ring, their dominance unquestioned. QT Reese’s actions were a bold statement, a challenge to the new Great Lakes Champion, and a promise of things to come.

The 12th Aftershock show had ended on a high note, with excitement, intrigue, and a hint of future battles. The image of QT Reese holding both the Tag title and the Great Lakes Championship was a fitting end to a night filled with action, drama, and unexpected twists. The landscape of XPRO had shifted, and the stage was set for new rivalries and epic confrontations. The fans were left with a sense of anticipation, eager to see what the future would bring.