New Promotion Signs On

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fuerza Pro Reopens, Set For First Live Tour Since 2019

LONG BEACH, CA – Four years after going into hiatus, the wrestling promotion Fuerza Pro has announced it is “back in business,” setting up a live tour in partnership with High Octane Wrestling and XPRO.

The company ran its first event in August 2019, “Embrace the World in Gray,” featuring students from the Academia Fuerza wrestling school and marquee guest talent from around the world. That show would also prove to be its last, due to reasons still unclear as of time of writing.

Asked about the return of the wrestling promotion, founder Xander Azula stated:

“The ship is back on course, and it’s full steam ahead with no iceberg in sight!”

The live tour will consist of monthly events held in Long Beach and the surrounding area, starting with “Well Qualified (To Represent The LBC)” on August 18 from Metroflex Gym in Hawaiian Gardens.

In addition, some of Fuerza’s graduates have entered into a talent agreement with XPRO in what is being touted by both companies as a “stateside excursion.”

More details will be made available in the coming days across social media channels and the soon to be revamped Fuerza Pro website.