Aftershock 014 Card

Location: Cross Insurance Center,  Portland ME

Match 1: High-Flying Spectacle

Alex Toushi vs. “Laughing Luchador” Chuck Tickles

Style: High Flyer vs. High Flyer

Description: The night kicks off with a dazzling display of aerial maneuvers, as two high-flyers go head-to-head.

Match 2: Powerhouse Collision

The Game Boy vs. Boris Kiriyakin

Style: Powerhouse vs. Powerhouse

Description: A clash of sheer strength, as two of XPRO’s most powerful wrestlers battle it out in the ring.

Match 3: All-Around Excellence

Kyle Shields vs. Louis Figo Manico

Style: All Around vs. All Around

Description: A technical masterpiece, with both competitors displaying their all-around skills in a match that promises to be a crowd-pleaser.

Match 4: Brawler’s Brawl

Ethan Wright vs. Trent

Style: Brawler vs. Brawler

Description: A hard-fought battle between two brawlers, where fists will fly and only the toughest will emerge victorious.

Match 5: Rookie Challenge

Jimmy Rettop vs. Chick Raynes

Style: Rookie vs. Rookie

Description: Two promising rookies face off, each looking to prove their worth and climb the ranks in XPRO.

Match 6: Main Event – Rookie vs. Veteran

QT Reese vs. Zach Kostoff

Style: All Around vs. Brawler (Rookie)

Description: The main event features QT Reese taking on Zach Kostoff, the son of deceased HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff, making his XPRO debut. The seasoned all-around talent of QT Reese will be tested against the raw brawling ability of the rookie Kostoff, who is eager to make a name for himself and get on the right side of his W-L record.