Aftershock 014 Results


Alex Toushi vs. “Laughing Luchador” Chuck Tickles

The 14th Aftershock had begun with a roar of excitement at the Cross Insurance Center in Portland, Maine. The opening match was a high-flying spectacle that pitted Alex Toushi against the “Laughing Luchador” Chuck Tickles, two renowned high-flyers known for their aerial acrobatics.

As the bell rang, both competitors wasted no time in displaying their high-flying prowess. The crowd was on its feet as Toushi and Tickles exchanged breathtaking maneuvers, each one more daring than the last. The Portland fans were treated to a well-balanced contest filled with near-falls, reversals, and a showcase of agility that kept everyone guessing.

Tickles’ creativity and flair were met with Toushi’s speed and precision. The turning point came when Tickles attempted a top-rope maneuver, only to be countered by Toushi in a stunning mid-air reversal. The crowd gasped as Toushi turned the tide, seizing the momentum.

Capitalizing on this opportunity, Toushi executed his signature finisher, the Izuna Drop. The impact resonated throughout the arena, and the referee’s count of three was met with a thunderous applause. Alex Toushi had secured the victory, but “Laughing Luchador” Chuck Tickles’ effort had not gone unnoticed. His performance ensured that he remained a fan favorite, even in defeat.

As Toushi’s hand was raised, the crowd knew they had witnessed something special. The opening match of Aftershock 14 had set a high standard for the night, leaving the audience buzzing with anticipation for the rest of the event. The thrilling start in Portland, Maine, promised an unforgettable night of action, and the memory of that high-flying spectacle lingered long after the final bell.

The Game Boy vs. Boris Kiriyakin

The second bout of the evening featured The Game Boy, the first-ever Great Lakes Champion, who had recently lost his title to Tyler Best at Aftershock 012. Facing him was Boris Kiriyakin, a formidable powerhouse known for his brute strength. The Game Boy’s determination to regain his championship was palpable, and the match was charged with a sense of urgency.

From the onset, The Game Boy displayed a renewed vigor, channeling his frustration into a series of powerful strikes and slams. Kiriyakin, however, was unyielding, matching his opponent’s intensity with his own display of raw power. The two giants collided in the ring, each landing heavy blows that echoed through the arena.

The match was a physical battle, with neither competitor giving an inch. The Game Boy’s experience as a former champion shone through as he strategically wore down Kiriyakin, targeting his weaknesses. Kiriyakin, however, proved to be a resilient opponent, fighting back with a ferocity that kept The Game Boy on his toes.

As the match wore on, The Game Boy’s determination became the defining factor. He executed a series of well-timed maneuvers, culminating in his signature finisher, the Handheld Choke Slam. The impact was decisive, and Kiriyakin was unable to recover.

The referee’s count sealed The Game Boy’s victory, marking the first step on his path to redemption. The crowd acknowledged his triumph with a mixture of respect and anticipation, knowing that his journey back to the Great Lakes Championship had only just begun.

Kyle Shields vs. Louis Figo Manico

The third contest of Aftershock 14 brought together two all-around talents, Kyle Shields and Louis Figo Manico. Both wrestlers were known for their versatile skill sets, and the anticipation was high for a match that promised to be a chess game of technical wrestling.

As the bell sounded, Shields and Manico engaged in a series of intricate grappling exchanges, each seeking to gain the upper hand. The Portland crowd watched intently as the two competitors demonstrated their wrestling acumen, transitioning seamlessly between holds, counters, and submissions.

Shields’ tactical approach was evident as he sought to control the pace, methodically breaking down Manico’s defenses. Manico, however, was equally adept, responding with his own calculated offense that kept Shields guessing.

The match evolved into a showcase of wrestling intelligence, with both competitors displaying an uncanny ability to anticipate each other’s moves. The tension built as neither man could gain a decisive advantage, and the crowd sensed that the outcome could hinge on a single mistake.

That critical moment arrived when Manico attempted a high-risk maneuver, only to be caught by Shields in a perfectly timed counter. Seizing the opportunity, Shields applied his finishing move, the Pyramid Scheme, and secured the pinfall.

The victory was hard-fought and well-earned, a testament to Shields’ strategic brilliance. Manico’s performance, though ending in defeat, was equally commendable, reflecting the high level of competition that defines XPRO Wrestling.

TRENT vs. Ethan Wright

The excitement in the Cross Insurance Center reached a fever pitch as the fourth match of Aftershock 14 was announced. TRENT, known for his vital role in HOW, aiding Evan Ward during his catatonic state, was making his XPRO debut. Facing him was Ethan Wright, a brawler with a reputation for toughness but seemingly faced with an insurmountable challenge.

From the opening bell, TRENT’s intent was clear. He attacked with a ferocity that left Ethan Wright reeling, each strike a testament to TRENT’s dominance. The Portland crowd was enthralled as TRENT displayed his brawling prowess, controlling the match with an unyielding aggression.

Ethan Wright, though a skilled competitor, found himself overwhelmed. He attempted to counter TRENT’s onslaught but was met with a relentless force that seemed unstoppable. TRENT’s every move was calculated, his every strike landing with devastating precision.

The match’s conclusion seemed inevitable as TRENT continued to dominate. He executed his signature finisher, the Toke Driver, with a power that left no room for doubt. Ethan Wright was defeated, and the referee’s count confirmed TRENT’s decisive victory.

TRENT’s debut in XPRO was nothing short of spectacular. His win over Ethan Wright was not just a victory; it was a demonstration of supremacy, a performance that sent shockwaves through the XPRO roster.

As the crowd in Portland, Maine, erupted in applause, the significance of TRENT’s debut was clear. Aftershock 14 had witnessed the arrival of a new force in XPRO, a force that promised to reshape the landscape of professional wrestling. TRENT’s journey had begun, and his dominant win over Ethan Wright was a bold proclamation of what lay ahead.

Jimmy Rettop vs. Chick Raynes

The fifth match of Aftershock 14 featured a clash between two rookies, Jimmy Rettop and Chick Raynes. Rettop, fresh off his debut victory against HOW Hall of Famer Benny Newell, was looking to continue his winning streak. Chick Raynes, on the other hand, was eager to prove himself against the rising star.

The Portland crowd was electric as both competitors made their way to the ring. Rettop’s confidence was palpable, while Raynes’s determination was evident in his focused expression.

As the match began, Rettop’s agility and creativity were on full display. He moved with a fluidity that belied his rookie status, countering Raynes’s attacks with innovative maneuvers. Raynes, however, was no pushover. He matched Rettop’s energy, demonstrating his own unique style.

The match evolved into a back-and-forth battle, with both competitors showcasing their skills. Rettop’s signature finisher, the “End of the Line” Slingshot DDT, was countered by Raynes’s quick thinking. Raynes, in turn, attempted to land his finisher, “The Raynes Drop,” only to be thwarted by Rettop’s resilience.

The climax of the match came when Rettop finally managed to execute his Slingshot DDT, catching Raynes off guard. The impact was decisive, and the referee’s count sealed Rettop’s victory.

Jimmy Rettop’s win over Chick Raynes was more than just a match; it was a statement. His back-to-back victories in XPRO were a clear indication of his potential, a sign that he was a rising star to watch.

Chick Raynes, despite the loss, had shown his own promise. His performance against Rettop was commendable, and his future in XPRO seemed bright.

QT Reese (with Bobby Dean) vs. Zach Kostoff

The energy in the Cross Insurance Center reached a fever pitch as the main event of Aftershock 14 was set to begin. QT Reese, one-half of the XPRO Tag Team Championship team known as Massive Savings, was accompanied to the ring by his partner, Bobby Dean. Together, they exuded confidence and camaraderie, a formidable duo ready to face the challenge of Zach Kostoff, the son of deceased HOW Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff.

Kostoff’s entrance was marked by determination and focus, a rookie stepping into the spotlight to prove himself against a seasoned all-around wrestler like Reese.

The match began with a clash of styles, Reese’s technical mastery against Kostoff’s unbridled brawling. The presence of Bobby Dean at ringside added an extra layer of intrigue, his watchful eye a constant reminder of the tag team champions’ unity.

Reese and Kostoff engaged in a thrilling battle, each landing significant blows and countering the other’s moves. Reese’s experience was evident, but Kostoff’s raw talent and aggression kept him in the fight.

As the match wore on, Reese began to find his rhythm, his all-around style proving a challenge for Kostoff. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Reese executed his signature finisher, the “Brown Star Press,” a top rope Bonzai Drop that left Kostoff reeling.

The referee’s count followed, and QT Reese was declared the winner. The victory was a testament to Reese’s skill, but Kostoff’s debut had been far from disappointing. His performance had shown promise, and his future in XPRO was bright.

As Reese and Bobby Dean celebrated in the ring, the Portland crowd acknowledged their victory with cheers. The main event of Aftershock 14 had been a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable night, a match that showcased the talent, teamwork, and competitive spirit that define XPRO.

Massive Savings had once again proven their dominance, but the emergence of Zach Kostoff had added a new dimension to the XPRO landscape. The future was filled with possibilities, and the fans left the arena with a sense of excitement for what lay ahead.