Aftershock 015 Results



As the lights dimmed and the crowd’s anticipation reached a fever pitch, the Maurice Richard Arena in Montreal, Canada, was set ablaze with excitement for the 15th Aftershock show of XPRO Wrestling. The arena, named after the legendary ice hockey player, was filled to capacity, with fans from all over the region gathered to witness the spectacle.

The opening segment kicked off with a grand display of pyrotechnics, illuminating the arena with a dazzling array of colors. The roar of the crowd was deafening as the XPRO logo flashed across the giant screens, signaling the beginning of a night filled with high-octane wrestling action.

The referees, including Mark “The Law” Thompson, Sarah Mitchell, and Tony “The Enforcer” Russo, were introduced, each receiving cheers and jeers from the passionate Montreal crowd. Their reputations for strict officiating and quick decision-making were well known, and the audience knew that they would play a crucial role in the night’s events.

A highlight reel played, showcasing some of the most memorable moments from previous Aftershock shows. Clips of breathtaking finishers, intense rivalries, and triumphant victories reminded fans why XPRO Wrestling had become a beloved fixture in the wrestling world.

Finally, the ring announcer took center stage, his voice echoing through the arena as he introduced the first match of the night.

THE STARR BROTHERS (sVo) vs. Weapons of Mass Destruction (XPRO)

The opening match of the night featured a thrilling tag team clash between The Starr Brothers, representing sVo, and the menacing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The energy in Montreal’s Maurice Richard Arena was electric as the two teams made their way to the ring, each determined to prove their dominance.

The Starr Brothers, known for their incredible teamwork and flashy moves, received a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Their reputation as rising stars in the wrestling world was evident, and the fans were eager to see them in action.

On the other side, Weapons of Mass Destruction, a team synonymous with brute force and ruthless aggression, entered the ring with a cold, calculating demeanor. Their imposing presence sent a clear message: they were here to win, no matter the cost.

The match began with a fast-paced exchange, as both teams showcased their unique styles. The Starr Brothers’ agility and precision were on full display, as they executed a series of synchronized moves that left WMD reeling. Their chemistry was undeniable, and the crowd was firmly behind them.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, however, were not to be outdone. They retaliated with a barrage of power moves, using their strength to gain the upper hand. Their relentless assault had The Starr Brothers on the ropes, and for a moment, it seemed like victory was within their grasp.

But The Starr Brothers were not to be denied. Rallying behind the support of the fans, they fought back with renewed vigor. Their determination and resilience were inspiring, and the momentum began to shift in their favor.

As the match reached its climax, The Starr Brothers seized the opportunity to unleash their signature finisher. The crowd rose to their feet as they executed the move to perfection, pinning Weapons of Mass Destruction to the mat.

The referee’s count reached three, and the arena erupted in celebration. The Starr Brothers had done it; they had secured the big win against a formidable opponent. Their victory was a testament to their skill, heart, and unbreakable bond as a team.

The crowd’s cheers continued as The Starr Brothers celebrated in the ring, their faces beaming with triumph. They had proven themselves on one of wrestling’s grandest stages, and their future looked brighter than ever.

Meanwhile, Weapons of Mass Destruction retreated, their faces etched with frustration and disbelief. They had fought hard but had fallen short. The battle was over, but the war was far from won.


[Fade in from black. The haunting sound of distant wailing and crackling flames fills the air. The camera descends into a dark, foreboding abyss, guided by the faint glow of embers.]

Narrator (Voiceover): “In the darkest depths of despair, where fear and agony intertwine, a new realm of battle awaits. A place where mercy is a forgotten word, and hope is a forsaken dream.”

[Cut to a montage of HOW’s most intense rivalries and brutal matches. Wrestlers are shown locked in fierce combat, their faces twisted with pain and determination. The imagery is raw and unfiltered, reflecting the harsh reality of the ring.]

Narrator (Voiceover): “High Octane Wrestling invites you to journey into the inferno. A place where legends will be tested, where souls will be laid bare, and where only the most relentless will emerge victorious.”

[Images of fire and torment are interwoven with clips of wrestlers, symbolizing the trials and tribulations they must endure. The music is dark and foreboding, building a sense of dread and anticipation.]

Narrator (Voiceover): “On October 29th, live on HOTv, witness a spectacle that will sear itself into your very soul. A night where the flames of competition will consume all in their path.”

[The screen goes dark, and the words “IN GODS HOUSE” appear, engulfed in flames. The date “October 29th” and the HOTv logo are displayed, burning with an otherworldly glow.]

Narrator (Voiceover): “IN GODS HOUSE, there is no salvation. There is no redemption. There is only the relentless pursuit of glory, no matter the cost.”

[Cut to clips of fans, their faces illuminated by the glow of the action, their eyes wide with excitement and fear. The camera zooms in on signs bearing the words “Abandon All Hope.”]

Narrator (Voiceover): “Join us for a night of unparalleled intensity, where the boundaries of human endurance will be pushed to the breaking point. Where heroes will fall, and legends will rise.”

[Fade to black, with the haunting sound of a distant, mournful cry echoing through the darkness.]

Narrator (Voiceover): “High Octane Wrestling’s IN GODS HOUSE. Live on HOTv. October 29th. Abandon All Hope.”

[Screen goes black, leaving only the date and the HOTv logo, along with the chilling tagline: “Abandon All Hope.”]


The arena was abuzz with anticipation as the second bout of the evening was announced. Two formidable competitors were set to face off: Lexi Gold, representing SHOOT, and Kyle Driver, fighting for XPRO. The match promised to be a clash of styles and a test of wills, and the fans were eager to see who would come out on top.

Lexi Gold entered the ring with a confident swagger, her eyes gleaming with determination. Known for her all-around skill and the deadly “Serpent’s Sting,” she was a force to be reckoned with. The crowd cheered her on, recognizing her talent and tenacity.

Kyle Driver, on the other hand, was a high-flying sensation with a reputation for delivering thrilling aerial maneuvers. His signature move, the “Kyle Driver,” had brought many opponents to their knees, and he was ready to prove himself once again on the XPRO stage.

As the bell rang, the two wrestlers circled each other, sizing up their competition. Lexi was the first to strike, displaying her technical prowess with a series of well-executed holds and takedowns. Kyle countered with agility and speed, using his acrobatic skills to evade Lexi’s attacks and land some impressive blows of his own.

The match was a seesaw battle, with both competitors gaining and losing the upper hand. Lexi’s experience and ring awareness allowed her to control the pace at times, but Kyle’s innovative offense kept her on her toes. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, captivated by the back-and-forth action.

As the match wore on, the intensity increased. Lexi and Kyle traded near-falls, each coming within a hair’s breadth of victory. The fans were on their feet, their cheers reaching a fever pitch as the two wrestlers pushed each other to the limit.

In the end, it was Lexi Gold’s cunning and resilience that made the difference. Seizing an opportunity, she caught Kyle in a moment of vulnerability and locked in the “Serpent’s Sting.” The hold was inescapable, and Kyle was forced to tap out.

The crowd erupted in applause as Lexi’s hand was raised in victory. She had triumphed over a worthy opponent, earning not only a win but the respect of the fans and her peers.

Kyle Driver, though defeated, left the ring with his head held high. He had given his all and proven that he belonged in the spotlight. His performance was a reminder of his potential, and there was no doubt that he would be back, hungrier than ever.


[Scene: Outside the Maurice Richard Arena in Montreal, Canada. The atmosphere is electric as fans await the arrival of the stars. A large black stretch limo pulls up to the entrance, drawing immediate attention. The crowd’s excitement turns to boos as they recognize the vehicle’s likely occupant.]

[The limo’s door opens, and Tyler Best steps out, looking impeccably dressed and supremely confident. The Championship belt rests proudly on his shoulder, reflecting the arena lights. The crowd’s boos grow louder, but Tyler seems to relish their disdain.]

Tyler Best: [Grinning, addressing the crowd] “Boo all you want! My private jet landed on time… unlike those of you flying commercial.”

[He makes his way towards the arena entrance, the cameras following him. As he walks, XPRO Backstage Interviewer Mark Bennett approaches, microphone in hand.]

Mark Bennett: “Tyler, welcome to Montreal. You seem more confident than ever tonight. How are you feeling about teaming up with NECKBONE Jones and The Game Boy, especially considering the known tension between you all?”

Tyler Best: [With a scoff] “Mark, confidence is my middle name. As for my teammates, they should be honored to share the ring with the Great Lakes Champion. I flew here on my private jet, on time and in style. They should try to keep up with that level of excellence.”

Mark Bennett: “But can you put aside your differences and work together to defeat QT Reese, Bobby Dean, and their mystery partner?”

Tyler Best: “Work together? Mark, I don’t need to work with anyone. I’m the champion for a reason. Tonight, I’ll lead by example, and if they can’t follow, that’s their problem. As for our opponents, they’re in for a lesson in greatness.”

[He brushes past Mark Bennett, his focus on the night ahead. The crowd’s boos continue, but Tyler’s confidence remains unshaken.]

Commentator: “Tyler Best is clearly ready for tonight’s main event. His confidence is sky-high, but the question remains: Can he lead his team to victory despite the internal conflicts? It’s going to be a match to remember.”

[Scene fades as Tyler Best enters the arena, leaving the fans outside to continue their passionate reactions. The stage is set for a main event filled with drama, excitement, and a champion who refuses to be anything less than the center of attention.]


The third match of the evening at the Maurice Richard Arena in Montreal, Canada, saw an exhilarating tag team clash between The Patriot Act from sVo and The Wright Brothers, consisting of Owen and Ethan Wright. The energy in the arena was palpable as both teams entered the ring, ready to prove their dominance.

The match began with The Wright Brothers taking the initiative, displaying their impressive athleticism and synergy. Owen and Ethan Wright worked seamlessly together, executing a series of high-flying moves and quick tags that put The Patriot Act on the defensive.

However, The Patriot Act’s experience and strategic acumen soon came to the fore. They managed to slow down the pace of the match, grounding The Wright Brothers with methodical and powerful offense. Their well-coordinated double-team maneuvers began to wear down their opponents, turning the momentum in their favor.

As the match wore on, both teams had their moments of brilliance, with near-falls and breathtaking exchanges that kept the fans on the edge of their seats. The Wright Brothers continued to fight back, but The Patriot Act’s control and tactical awareness were evident.

In the final moments of the match, The Patriot Act capitalized on a mistake by The Wright Brothers, catching them off guard with a devastating tag team finisher. They quickly secured the pin, earning a hard-fought and well-deserved victory.

The crowd’s reaction was mixed, with some fans cheering for The Patriot Act’s triumph and others expressing disappointment for The Wright Brothers. Nevertheless, The Patriot Act’s win further cemented their status as one of the premier tag teams in XPRO Wrestling.


[Scene: A dimly lit room filled with wrestling memorabilia, trophies, and photographs of legendary matches. The camera slowly pans across the room, focusing on a framed poster of Dynasty Wrestling. The haunting sound of a crowd chanting “Dynasty” echoes in the background. A narrator’s voice breaks the silence.]

Narrator: “In the world of professional wrestling, few names evoke the passion, the intensity, and the legacy that is Dynasty Wrestling. A brand that once stood at the pinnacle of the sport, a beacon of excellence that inspired a generation.”

[Cut to clips of iconic Dynasty Wrestling matches, showcasing legendary athletes, unforgettable moments, and the roar of the fans. The images are intercut with shots of the newly purchased London Arena, the future home of Dynasty Wrestling.]

Narrator: “And now, the time has come. The echoes of the past are calling, and Dynasty Wrestling is answering. A return like no other, a revival of a legend, a new era is dawning.”

[Images of the London Arena being prepared, the ring being set up, the lights being tested. The excitement is building.]

Narrator: “sVo has heard the call, and they have responded. The London Arena, a venue steeped in history, now stands ready to welcome back the warriors of the ring. A new home for a timeless tradition.”

[Cut to interviews with current sVo stars, sharing their thoughts and excitement about the return of Dynasty Wrestling. Their words are filled with respect, anticipation, and determination.]

Narrator: “The superstars are ready. The fans are ready. The world is ready. Dynasty Wrestling is not just a name; it’s a promise, a commitment to excellence, a legacy reborn.”

[The music builds to a crescendo, the images flash faster, the excitement is palpable.]

Narrator: “Join us as we embark on this journey, as we reignite the flame, as we write a new chapter in the storied history of Dynasty Wrestling. The arena is set. The stage is ready. Are you?”

[The screen fades to black, leaving the Dynasty Wrestling logo and the date of the return. The crowd’s chant of “Dynasty” lingers, a haunting reminder of what’s to come.]

Narrator: “Dynasty Wrestling. The legend returns on the 10th of September with a PPV fittingly called DESTRUCTION….live only on HOTv”

[Fade out.]


The fourth match of the XPRO Wrestling show at the Maurice Richard Arena in Montreal, Canada, featured a clash between Zach Kostoff and TRENT. Both wrestlers were coming off recent debuts, with Kostoff looking to rebound from a loss and TRENT aiming to build on his victory.

The match began with a palpable tension in the air, as Kostoff’s determination to prove himself was evident from the outset. He started aggressively, taking the fight to TRENT with a series of strikes and slams. His frustration from his previous loss seemed to fuel his performance, and he controlled the early stages of the match.

TRENT, however, was not to be outdone. Having tasted victory in his debut, he displayed confidence and skill, countering Kostoff’s offense with well-timed reversals and high-impact moves. His victory over Ethan Wright had clearly boosted his morale, and he began to gain the upper hand as the match progressed.

The two wrestlers went back and forth, with neither man willing to give an inch. Kostoff’s power and intensity were matched by TRENT’s agility and technical prowess. The crowd was fully invested in the action, with cheers and jeers echoing throughout the arena.

As the match reached its climax, both competitors had their moments of near victory, with close pinfalls and submission attempts that kept the fans on the edge of their seats. The momentum shifted several times, and it was anyone’s match to win.

In the end, it was TRENT who managed to seize the opportunity. Capitalizing on a mistake by Kostoff, he executed his signature Toke Driver, lifting his opponent across his shoulders and spiking his head into the canvas. The impact was decisive, and TRENT secured the pin for the three-count.

TRENT’s victory marked his second consecutive win in XPRO Wrestling, further establishing him as a rising star to watch. For Kostoff, the loss was a bitter pill to swallow, but his performance showed promise and determination that will surely serve him well in future matches.

The match was a thrilling showcase of contrasting styles and personalities, with both wrestlers leaving it all in the ring. The fans were treated to a hard-fought battle that added to the excitement and drama of an already memorable evening.


[Scene: XPRO Tag Team Champions Massive Savings, QT Reese and Bobby Dean, are in their locker room. QT is intently studying a list of potential wrestlers for their mystery partner, while Bobby is visibly distracted by a bowl full of Twinkies on a nearby table.]

QT Reese: “Bobby, we’ve got to figure this out. The main event is coming up, and we need to pick our mystery partner. What about ‘The Barracuda’ Barry Bates? He’s got that splash, and he’s fresh.”

Bobby Dean: (Distractedly) “Yeah, yeah, Barry’s good… Hey, QT, did you see this? They’ve got a whole bowl of Yellow Dye #5 here!” (Reaches for a Twinkie)

QT Reese: (Annoyed) “Bobby, focus! We’ve got to make a decision. What about ‘Beastly’ Benjamin Bennett? He’s got the power, and he’s ready to go.”

Bobby Dean: (Mouth full of Twinkie) “Mmm, Benjamin’s a beast… But these Twinkies, QT, they’re my favorite! You’ve got to try one.”

QT Reese: (Frustrated) “Bobby, we don’t have time for Twinkies right now! We’ve got to pick our partner. What about ‘Wildman’ Wyatt Walker? He’s got that finisher, and he’s on a roll.”

Bobby Dean: (Still eating) “Wyatt’s wild, no doubt… But these Yellow Dye #5, QT, they’re calling my name. Just one more, then I’ll focus, I promise.”

QT Reese: (Exasperated) “Bobby, we’ve got to make a decision! The main event is coming up, and we’ve got to be ready. Put down the Twinkies and help me figure this out!”

Bobby Dean: (Finally focused) “Alright, alright, QT. Let’s go over the options one more time. We’ve got to make the right choice. We’ve got to show everyone why we’re the champs.”

[They continue to discuss, QT looking serious and determined, Bobby still eyeing the Twinkies but finally engaged in the conversation. The camera slowly pulls back, leaving them in deep discussion, the bowl of Twinkies adding a touch of humor to the suspense of the main event.]

Fade to black.


The anticipation in the Maurice Richard Arena reaches a fever pitch as the main event is about to begin. The Game Boy, NECKBONE Jones, and the Great Lakes Champion Tyler Best make their entrances, each exuding confidence but displaying a clear lack of cohesion.

The arena explodes with cheers as Massive Savings, QT Reese, and Bobby Dean, enter, followed by the unexpected addition of The Main Event Hugo Scorpio. The crowd’s support for their countrymen is overwhelming, setting the stage for a match that promises to be an epic showdown.

The match starts with a strategic battle between QT Reese and The Game Boy, each trying to gain the upper hand through technical prowess and agility. The crowd’s support for QT fuels his performance, and the opening minutes are filled with exciting exchanges and near falls.

As the match continues, the contrasting dynamics between the two teams become more pronounced. NECKBONE Jones and Tyler Best showcase their individual strengths but struggle to find synergy, while Massive Savings and Hugo Scorpio operate like a well-oiled machine.

The action intensifies with each passing minute, featuring high-flying moves, powerful slams, and intense brawls. Hugo Scorpio impresses with his brute strength, Bobby Dean adds charisma and flair, and Tyler Best demonstrates why he’s the champion, though his relationship with his teammates remains strained.

The middle of the match sees both teams gaining and losing momentum, with thrilling near falls, unexpected reversals, and crowd-pleasing spots. The arena is on the edge of its seat as each team fights for control, and the drama builds to a fever pitch.

A turning point comes when The Game Boy is isolated in the ring, and a series of perfectly executed moves from the opposing team leads to a near fall. The crowd’s reaction is deafening, and the match’s outcome hangs in the balance.

The final stretch of the match is a rollercoaster of emotions, with both teams pulling out all the stops. The Game Boy fights back, and his teammates join in, leading to a series of breathtaking sequences that have the crowd on its feet.

In the end, after several heart-stopping minutes, QT Reese lands his signature “Brown Star Press” on The Game Boy, followed by a pin. The crowd erupts as the referee counts to three, and the victory is secured.

The celebration is short-lived as a very frustrated NECKBONE Jones attacks The Game Boy, his fury unleashed. The crowd watches in shock as NECKBONE’s wrath knows no bounds.

Tyler Best quickly leaves the ringside area, his Great Lakes Championship clutched tightly, his face a mix of fear and contempt.

The victorious team, Massive Savings and Hugo Scorpio, celebrate at the top of the ramp, their Tag Team Championships held high, their triumph a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable night.

Conclusion: The show ends with a powerful image: the victorious team basking in glory, Tyler Best looking back with apprehension, and NECKBONE Jones standing over the fallen Game Boy, his face filled with rage.

The extended match length, filled with twists, turns, and high drama, leaves the audience breathless and sets the stage for future confrontations in XPRO Wrestling.