Aftershock 016 Results



As the lights dimmed in the TD Place Arena, the anticipation in the air had been palpable. Fans from all over Ottawa had gathered, their excitement echoing through the venue. The 16th Aftershock show for XPRO Wrestling had begun, and the energy was electric.

The arena had been adorned with the signature XPRO banners, and the ring had been set, gleaming under the spotlight. The thrilling matches lined up for the evening had been highlighted, and the audience, both in the arena and those watching from home, had been welcomed.

The opening pyrotechnics had erupted, and the crowd had roared in approval. The stage had been set for an unforgettable night of wrestling action, and the fans knew they were in for a treat. The wrestlers had been ready, the audience had been pumped, and the 16th Aftershock show was officially underway.

In that moment, the TD Place Arena was not just a venue; it had been a battleground where dreams were realized, rivalries were settled, and the very best of XPRO Wrestling was on full display. The night had promised to be a showcase of athleticism, creativity, and character development that left a lasting impression on all who were part of it.

Alex Toushi vs. “Beastly” Benjamin Bennett

The bell rang, and the first match of the 16th Aftershock show was underway. Alex Toushi, known for his high-flying style, faced off against the powerhouse “Beastly” Benjamin Bennett. The TD Place Arena in Ottawa was filled with cheers and anticipation as the two wrestlers circled each other in the ring.

Toushi started the match with agility, using his speed to dodge Bennett’s powerful strikes. He executed a series of quick moves, keeping Bennett off balance. However, Bennett’s strength soon became a factor as he caught Toushi with a devastating slam that shook the ring.

The match continued with a back-and-forth battle, each wrestler showcasing their unique skills. Toushi’s aerial maneuvers were a sight to behold, while Bennett’s brute force was equally impressive.

As the match progressed, the intensity grew. Toushi attempted his signature “Izuna Drop,” but Bennett countered, unleashing his “Unleash The Beast” finisher. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the two wrestlers gave everything they had.

In a thrilling conclusion, Toushi managed to escape a second attempt at Bennett’s finisher and quickly capitalized with a perfectly executed Izuna Drop. The referee’s hand hit the mat for the three-count, and the crowd erupted in celebration.

Alex Toushi had won the match, but both wrestlers had earned the respect of the audience. They had set the tone for the evening, delivering a match filled with excitement, athleticism, and drama. It was a fitting start to what promised to be an unforgettable night of XPRO Wrestling.

Hugo Scorpio vs. “Extra Butter” Gilbert Rogers.

The arena was still buzzing from the first match when Hugo Scorpio and “Extra Butter” Gilbert Rogers made their way to the ring. Scorpio, known for his “Drawn and Quartered” Torture Rack, was a towering figure with a menacing presence. Rogers, on the other hand, was a powerhouse with a unique style, known for his “Jump Scare” running splash.

The match began with a clash of titans, as both wrestlers engaged in a test of strength. Rogers surprised the crowd by matching Scorpio’s power, pushing him back into the ropes. The two then engaged in a series of grapples, each trying to gain the upper hand.

Scorpio’s ferocity was evident as he unleashed a barrage of strikes, sending Rogers reeling. But Rogers was not to be outdone, responding with a series of powerful body slams that left Scorpio stunned.

The match escalated quickly, with both wrestlers taking the fight outside the ring. Scorpio slammed Rogers into the barricade, but Rogers retaliated by lifting Scorpio and crashing him through the announcers’ table. The crowd was on its feet, sensing that this was turning into a battle for the ages.

Back in the ring, the two continued to trade blows, neither giving an inch. Scorpio locked in his Torture Rack, but Rogers fought his way out, displaying incredible resilience. Rogers then hit his Jump Scare splash, but Scorpio kicked out just in time.

The match reached a fever pitch as both wrestlers pulled out all the stops. Scorpio’s relentless aggression was met with Rogers’ unbreakable will. They exchanged finisher attempts, counters, and near falls, each moment more thrilling than the last.

In a breathtaking sequence, Rogers attempted a second Jump Scare, only for Scorpio to catch him in mid-air and transition into a spine-crushing Drawn and Quartered Torture Rack. The pain was etched on Rogers’ face, but he refused to submit.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Scorpio adjusted his grip and added more pressure to the Torture Rack. Rogers’ resistance broke, and he tapped out.

The bell rang, and Hugo Scorpio was declared the winner. He stood tall, but the look in his eyes acknowledged the war he had just been through. Gilbert Rogers, though defeated, had proven his mettle and earned the admiration of everyone in attendance.

Jimmy Rettop vs. Justice Reynolds

The stage was set for a clash of styles as Jimmy Rettop, a promising rookie known for his “End of the Line” Slingshot DDT, faced off against the powerhouse Justice Reynolds, feared for his “The Equalizer” Double Handed Chokeslam. The anticipation in the TD Place Arena was palpable as the two wrestlers stared each other down.

From the opening bell, the match was a whirlwind of activity. Rettop used his agility to evade Reynolds’ early power moves, darting around the ring and landing quick strikes. Reynolds, however, was unphased, using his size and strength to ground Rettop with a series of punishing holds.

The momentum shifted back and forth as the match progressed. Rettop’s speed and creativity were a constant threat, but Reynolds’ raw power was a game-changer. A thunderous powerslam from Reynolds left Rettop reeling, but the rookie fought back, landing a beautiful dropkick that sent Reynolds to the outside.

The action spilled out of the ring, with Rettop taking a risk and diving over the top rope, crashing into Reynolds. The crowd roared in approval as both men struggled to their feet, battling up the entrance ramp and into the crowd. Chairs were used, barricades were shattered, and the intensity reached new heights.

Back in the ring, the two warriors continued to push each other to the limit. Rettop’s high-flying maneuvers kept Reynolds off balance, but the powerhouse responded with devastating slams and suplexes. Near falls were exchanged, and the crowd was on the edge of their seats, unsure who would emerge victorious.

In a stunning moment, Rettop managed to land his End of the Line finisher, but Reynolds kicked out at the last possible second. The disbelief on Rettop’s face was evident, but he pressed on, determined to prove himself.

Reynolds fought back, displaying incredible resilience. He caught Rettop in mid-air, delivering The Equalizer, but Rettop somehow managed to get his foot on the ropes, saving the match.

The final minutes were a blur of action, counters, and heart-stopping moments. Both wrestlers were spent, but neither would give in. Rettop’s agility and Reynolds’ strength were on full display, each man giving everything they had.

In a climactic sequence, Rettop attempted another End of the Line, but Reynolds countered, lifting him high for another Equalizer. Rettop, however, managed to reverse it into a roll-up, securing a surprise three-count.

The bell rang, and Jimmy Rettop had won. The crowd erupted in a standing ovation as both men lay exhausted in the ring. Justice Reynolds, though defeated, had put on a performance that won the respect of everyone watching.

Kyle Driver vs. Kyle Shields

Kyle Shields and Kyle Driver, two competitors with contrasting styles, faced off in a match that promised to be a highlight of the 16th Aftershock show. Shields, known for his “Pyramid Scheme” Pumphandle Slam, was an all-around performer, while Driver, a high-flyer, was famous for his “Kyle Driver” Front Face Body Slam.

The match began with a fast-paced exchange of holds and reversals, each wrestler trying to gain an early advantage. Shields showcased his technical prowess, while Driver’s aerial skills were on full display. The crowd was immediately drawn into the action, cheering every move and countermove.

As the match continued, the intensity ramped up. Shields targeted Driver’s legs, attempting to ground the high-flyer, while Driver used his speed and agility to keep Shields off balance. They battled inside and outside the ring, with neither man willing to give an inch.

Driver’s high-risk maneuvers paid off as he landed a breathtaking moonsault from the top rope to the outside, crashing into Shields. But Shields recovered, catching Driver with a brutal suplex on the arena floor.

Back in the ring, the two Kyles engaged in a thrilling sequence of near falls, each man coming within a hair’s breadth of victory. Shields’ power and Driver’s speed were evenly matched, and the crowd was fully invested in the outcome.

The match took a dramatic turn when Driver missed a high-flying move, crashing into the turnbuckle. Shields seized the opportunity, unleashing a series of punishing strikes and slams. He locked in a submission hold, wrenching Driver’s back, but Driver refused to submit, reaching the ropes in a display of sheer willpower.

Driver fought back, landing a series of kicks and aerial attacks that had Shields reeling. He hit his Kyle Driver finisher, but Shields kicked out, leaving the crowd in disbelief.

The final stretch of the match was a spectacle of wrestling excellence. Shields and Driver traded finishers, counters, and high-impact moves, each man pushing the other to the limit. The crowd was on its feet, sensing that they were witnessing something special.

In a climactic moment, Shields caught Driver in mid-air, transitioning into his Pyramid Scheme finisher. Driver, however, reversed it into a DDT, then quickly climbed the ropes, landing a picture-perfect 450 splash. He covered Shields, and the referee counted three.

Kyle Driver had won the match, but both men had won the admiration of everyone in attendance. They had delivered a match filled with drama, athleticism, and storytelling.

NECKBONE Jones vs. Zach Kostoff

The TD Place Arena was filled with anticipation as NECKBONE Jones, known for his hardcore style and “THROATPUNCH Jones,” prepared to face Zach Kostoff, a rookie with a legacy to uphold. Kostoff, the son of the late Chris Kostoff, who tragically passed away a year ago at the HOW PPV Dead or Alive, was seeking his first victory in XPRO after an 0-4 start on the main roster.

The match began with Jones taking control, using his experience to outmaneuver the young Kostoff. The rookie, however, showed determination and resilience, fighting back with a passion that resonated with the crowd. His technical skills were evident, but Jones’ unorthodox approach kept him off balance.

As the battle wore on, Kostoff began to find his rhythm, landing strikes and executing takedowns that had Jones reeling. The crowd sensed that something special was happening, as Kostoff’s desire to honor his father’s legacy fueled his performance.

Jones, however, was relentless, taking the fight to the outside and using his hardcore tactics to regain control. He battered Kostoff with chairs and slammed him through a table, but the rookie refused to stay down, his determination shining through.

Back in the ring, the two warriors engaged in a thrilling back-and-forth contest. Kostoff’s inexperience was countered by his heart and desire, as he matched Jones move for move. The crowd was fully invested, cheering Kostoff’s every move and willing him to victory.

In a dramatic sequence, Kostoff managed to counter Jones’ THROATPUNCH, turning it into a beautiful suplex. He then climbed the ropes, paying tribute to his father with a diving elbow drop that had the crowd on its feet.

The match reached its climax as Jones and Kostoff traded finishers, near falls, and high-impact moves. The intensity was palpable, and the crowd knew that they were witnessing a potential star-making performance from Kostoff.

In the final moments, Kostoff caught Jones in a well-executed submission hold. The veteran struggled, but Kostoff’s grip was unbreakable. With tears in his eyes, driven by the memory of his father, Kostoff wrenched the hold, and Jones tapped out.

The bell rang, and Zach Kostoff had won his first match in XPRO. The crowd erupted in a standing ovation, recognizing the significance of the moment. Kostoff’s victory was more than just a win; it was a tribute to his father, a statement of his potential, and a turning point in his career.

As Kostoff looked to the heavens, thanking his late father, the emotion in the arena was overwhelming. The fifth match of the 16th Aftershock show had transcended wrestling, becoming a symbol of perseverance, legacy, and the unbreakable bond between a father and son. It was a match that would be remembered not just for its action but for its heart and soul, a true highlight in the annals of XPRO Wrestling.

Scott Stevens vs. Benny Newell

The TD Place Arena in Ottawa, Canada, was abuzz with excitement as the main event of the 16th Aftershock show was set to begin. Two HOW Hall of Famers, Scott Stevens and Benny Newell, were about to face off in a match filled with history, emotion, and contrasting ideologies.

Scott Stevens, hailing from Texas, had found an unlikely ally in the Canadian crowd. Despite his American roots, the fans were firmly behind him, drawn to his integrity and skill. Benny Newell, on the other hand, had become the villain of the night, his over-the-top love for America and blatant hatred for Canada turning the crowd against him.

The match began with Newell’s antics on full display, as he waved the American flag and berated the Canadian fans. Stevens, however, remained composed, his focus on the task at hand. They locked up, and the battle was underway.

Stevens’ technical mastery was evident from the start, as he outwrestled Newell and landed a series of impressive moves. The crowd’s support seemed to energize him, and he took control of the match. Newell, however, was cunning and resourceful, using underhanded tactics to regain the upper hand.

As the action escalated, Newell’s anti-Canadian rhetoric continued to draw the ire of the crowd. He mocked Canadian symbols and traditions, all while proclaiming his love for America. Stevens, though a proud Texan, became the embodiment of the crowd’s defiance, fighting back with determination and skill.

The match turned into a thrilling back-and-forth contest, with neither man willing to give an inch. Stevens’ high-flying moves were met with Newell’s ruthless aggression, and the crowd was on the edge of their seats.

Outside the ring, the battle raged on, with Newell using every opportunity to taunt the Canadian fans. Stevens, however, remained the crowd’s hero, his actions resonating with their values and pride.

Back in the ring, the match reached its climax, with near falls, dramatic reversals, and high-impact moves. Stevens hit his “Game Changer” Spike Piledriver, only for Newell to kick out. Newell responded with a devastating maneuver, but Stevens refused to be pinned.

In the final moments, Newell’s over-the-top tactics backfired, as Stevens turned the tide and locked in a submission hold. The crowd’s chants reached a crescendo, and Newell had no choice but to tap out.

The bell rang, and Scott Stevens was declared the winner. The crowd erupted in jubilation, their support for the Texan validated. He had triumphed over Newell’s divisive tactics, earning not just a victory but the respect and admiration of the Canadian fans.

As Stevens celebrated, the significance of the match was clear. It was more than just a wrestling contest; it was a battle of values, a statement about respect, integrity, and the unifying power of sportsmanship.

The main event of the 16th Aftershock show had delivered a classic, a match that transcended borders and resonated with fans on both sides of the border. It was a fitting conclusion to a night that celebrated the best of professional wrestling, a reminder of why this incredible form of entertainment continues to captivate audiences around the world.