Aftershock 017 Results


The 17th edition of XPRO Wrestling’s Aftershock had arrived, and it was a night that would be etched in the memories of all who were present. The city of Chicago, the birthplace of wrestling excitement, had once again played host to this spectacular event, and The Best Arena, owned by the legendary Lee Best, had been the battleground.

The arena, synonymous with thrilling action and unforgettable moments, had opened its doors to warriors ready to make their mark. Fans from all corners of the globe had gathered, their voices united in a deafening roar that resonated through the hallowed halls of this wrestling cathedral.

Spinebuster Island (SHOOT) vs. Team Better Than You

The atmosphere in The Best Arena was electric as the first match of the evening was announced. A tag team confrontation between Spinebuster Island from SHOOT and Team Better Than You had been slated, and the anticipation was palpable.

Emerging from the shadows of SHOOT, Spinebuster Island entered the arena, their reputation for ferocious spinebusters preceding them. Their faces were etched with determination, their strides filled with purpose. They were warriors on a mission, and the ring was their battlefield.

Opposite them, Team Better Than You exuded confidence. Their swagger was unmistakable, their resolve unbreakable.

With the sound of the bell, the clash commenced.

Spinebuster Island launched an immediate offensive, their powerful attacks catching Team Better Than You by surprise. The early moments were a display of raw aggression, a physical onslaught that left the crowd breathless.

But Team Better Than You was not a duo to be easily subdued. They found their footing, countering with a tactical acumen that turned the match into a chess game of human strength and agility. The momentum shifted, the advantage exchanged, as each team sought to impose their will.

The spectators were enraptured, drawn into the struggle that unfolded before them. The match was a dance of violence and grace, a symphony of impact and movement. Each maneuver was a statement, each counter a retort, as the teams battled for supremacy.

As the minutes ticked away, the intensity escalated. Spinebuster Island’s brute force met the cunning strategy of Team Better Than You, a collision of styles that created a spectacle of wrestling artistry.

The decisive moment arrived when Spinebuster Island managed to corner one member of Team Better Than You, unleashing a barrage of their signature spinebusters. The tide had turned, and they pressed on, their relentless assault breaking down their opponents’ defenses.

With a masterful tag team finisher, Spinebuster Island secured the victory. The arena erupted in approval, a standing ovation.

British Hospitality (sVo) vs. The Zoo

The second bout of the night was set to be an international showdown, pitting British Hospitality from sVo against XPRO’s team, The Zoo. The contrast between the two teams was stark, and the stage was set for a clash that would resonate with the crowd.

British Hospitality, hailing from the shores of the United Kingdom, entered the arena with an air of aristocratic grace. Their style was refined, their approach methodical, and their reputation as tacticians well-earned. But the Chicago crowd was not impressed; a chorus of boos greeted them as they made their way to the ring.

The Zoo, on the other hand, was a team that had captured the hearts of the local fans. Their wild and unpredictable style, coupled with their undeniable charisma, had made them favorites in The Best Arena. The cheers were deafening as they bounded into the spotlight, ready to take on their overseas challengers.

As the match began, British Hospitality’s technical prowess was immediately evident. They moved with precision, each step calculated, each strike measured. Their wrestling was a display of finesse, a carefully choreographed dance that left little room for error.

The Zoo, true to their name, brought a different kind of energy to the ring. Their movements were erratic, their attacks unconventional, and their enthusiasm infectious. They were the embodiment of chaos, a whirlwind that sought to disrupt the order that British Hospitality sought to impose.

The match unfolded as a battle of philosophies, a contest between discipline and wild abandon. British Hospitality’s methodical approach was met with The Zoo’s frenzied offense, a juxtaposition that created moments of unexpected brilliance.

The crowd was firmly behind The Zoo, their cheers a constant soundtrack to the match. Every successful move was met with applause, every setback with a collective groan. They were the heartbeat of the arena, their passion fueling The Zoo’s efforts.

But British Hospitality was unyielding. They absorbed The Zoo’s energy and redirected it, using their opponents’ momentum against them. Their wrestling was a masterclass in control, a demonstration of how to dismantle an opponent piece by piece.

As the match reached its climax, British Hospitality’s experience began to tell. They found openings in The Zoo’s defense, exploiting weaknesses with surgical precision. The crowd’s support for The Zoo was unwavering, but the tide had turned.

With a perfectly executed finishing move, British Hospitality secured the victory. The boos from the Chicago crowd were immediate and resounding, a vocal expression of their disappointment. But the British team remained unfazed, their victory a testament to their skill and strategy.

The Zoo may have lost the match, but they had won the admiration of their hometown crowd. They had fought with heart, with spirit, and with a flair that had brought the arena to life.

As British Hospitality exited the ring, their win a statement of intent, the echoes of the crowd’s disapproval followed them. But the night was young, and the 17th Aftershock had more in store.

Carolina Lions (SHOOT) vs. The Buffet Club

The night’s excitement continued to build as the third match was announced, a tag team duel that would see the Carolina Lions from SHOOT face off against the culinary-themed warriors, The Buffet Club. The anticipation was tangible, and the crowd was eager to see what these two distinct teams would bring to the ring.

The Carolina Lions, representing SHOOT, made their entrance with a focused determination. Known for their disciplined teamwork and strategic acumen, they were a force to be reckoned with. Their reputation had preceded them, and they were ready to prove their mettle in The Best Arena.

The Buffet Club, on the other hand, was a team that embraced a more lighthearted approach. Their culinary-inspired antics and larger-than-life personalities had endeared them to fans, but beneath the jovial exterior lay a competitive fire that could not be underestimated.

As the bell signaled the start of the match, the Carolina Lions immediately set the tone. Their movements were synchronized, their attacks coordinated, and their defense impenetrable. They were a well-oiled machine, each member complementing the other in a seamless display of tag team wrestling.

The Buffet Club responded with a unique blend of humor and skill. Their unorthodox tactics and unexpected maneuvers kept the Carolina Lions on their toes, turning the match into an engaging spectacle that defied conventional wrestling norms.

The crowd was fully invested, their emotions riding the waves of the match’s ebb and flow. The Carolina Lions’ technical mastery was a sight to behold, while The Buffet Club’s creative flair added a touch of unpredictability that kept everyone guessing.

As the match progressed, the Carolina Lions began to assert their dominance. Their experience and tactical awareness allowed them to anticipate The Buffet Club’s moves, countering with decisive strikes that slowly wore down their opponents.

The Buffet Club fought valiantly, their resilience and ingenuity creating moments that brought the crowd to its feet. But the Carolina Lions were relentless, their execution flawless, and their strategy unyielding.

The final moments of the match were a testament to the Carolina Lions’ excellence. They capitalized on a momentary lapse in The Buffet Club’s defense, executing a stunning tag team finisher that left no doubt about the outcome.

The referee’s count was a mere formality, and the Carolina Lions were declared the victors. Their win was a showcase of their skill, a performance that solidified their status as one of the premier tag teams in the wrestling world.

The Buffet Club may have fallen short, but they had entertained, they had competed, and they had left an impression that would not soon be forgotten.

The Wright Brothers vs. The Vice Squad

The energy in The Best Arena continued to escalate as the fourth match of the evening was announced. A tag team battle was on the horizon, featuring the dynamic duo of The Wright Brothers, Ethan and Owen Wright, against the notorious and enigmatic team known as The Vice Squad.

The Wright Brothers, a pair known for their synergy and innovative tactics, entered the arena with a sense of purpose. Their shared bloodline was more than a familial bond; it was a connection that translated into a seamless partnership in the ring. They were ready to demonstrate why they were considered one of the most exciting tag teams in the wrestling world.

Facing them were The Vice Squad, a team shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Their reputation was one of cunning and guile, their methods often straddling the line between fair play and foul. They were a wild card, an unpredictable force that thrived on chaos and confusion.

As the match commenced, the contrast between the two teams was immediately apparent. The Wright Brothers moved with fluidity and grace, their attacks a series of intricate combinations that showcased their deep understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Vice Squad, in contrast, relied on subterfuge and misdirection. They were masters of psychological warfare, using mind games and underhanded tactics to disrupt the rhythm of The Wright Brothers and keep them off balance.

The match evolved into a fascinating contest of wits and skill. The Wright Brothers’ technical brilliance was met with The Vice Squad’s cunning strategies, creating a dynamic that was as much a mental battle as it was a physical one.

The crowd was enthralled, their attention riveted to the unfolding drama in the ring. The Wright Brothers’ high-flying maneuvers were met with cheers, while The Vice Squad’s devious tactics elicited a mix of boos and begrudging admiration.

As the match wore on, The Wright Brothers began to find their stride. They adapted to The Vice Squad’s tricks, countering with intelligence and precision. Their teamwork was a thing of beauty, a dance of athleticism and strategy that slowly but surely gained the upper hand.

The Vice Squad fought back with tenacity, their resolve unbroken, their creativity undiminished. But The Wright Brothers were in their element, their connection unbreakable, their determination unwavering.

The climax of the match arrived with a breathtaking sequence by The Wright Brothers. A flawlessly executed tag team maneuver left The Vice Squad reeling, and the end was in sight. The crowd held its breath as the referee counted, and the victory was secured.

The Wright Brothers had triumphed, their win a validation of their talent and a testament to their bond. They had faced a unique challenge and emerged victorious, their star continuing to rise.

The Canadian Connection (sVo) vs. The Stevens Dynasty

The atmosphere in The Best Arena was electric as the main event of the 17th Aftershock was about to unfold. Two powerhouse teams were set to clash: The Canadian Connection, comprised of Scott Cole and Jake Hughes, and The Stevens Dynasty, featuring Bo and George Stevens.

The Canadian Connection, representing Canada and a rival promotion, were met with a chorus of boos from the Chicago crowd as they made their entrance. Their reputation for excellence was undeniable, but their foreign status and affiliation had made them the villains in the eyes of the local fans.

The Stevens Dynasty, hailing from Texas, were the hometown heroes. Their entrance was greeted with thunderous cheers, their legacy and connection to the region turning them into the crowd’s favorites.

As the match began, the contrast in crowd support added an extra layer of intensity. Every move by The Canadian Connection was met with jeers, while The Stevens Dynasty’s actions were celebrated with fervent approval.

The Canadian Connection’s blend of agility and creativity was on full display, but their impressive maneuvers were met with disdain from the Chicago fans. Scott Cole’s tactical brilliance and Jake Hughes’ raw power were overshadowed by their status as outsiders.

The Stevens Dynasty, on the other hand, fed off the crowd’s energy. Their combination of strength and strategy resonated with the fans, their every move amplified by the roar of approval from the stands.

The match evolved into a thrilling contest, a battle of skill and will that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. The Canadian Connection’s acrobatic feats were met with reluctant admiration, while The Stevens Dynasty’s relentless offense drew passionate support.

As the match wore on, the stakes became clear. This was more than a contest; it was a battle of pride, a clash of regions, a statement of supremacy.

The turning point came when The Canadian Connection managed to isolate Bo Stevens, their rapid-fire attacks leaving him reeling. Sensing their opportunity, they pressed their advantage, their teamwork reaching new heights. But their success was met with boos, their victory in sight but their popularity waning.

The Stevens Dynasty fought back with heart and determination, their resolve strengthened by the crowd’s unwavering support. George Stevens’ interventions kept them in the match, turning the tide and setting the stage for a dramatic finale.

But The Canadian Connection was relentless. Their synergy was unmatched, their execution flawless. With a spectacular finishing move, they pinned Bo Stevens and secured the victory.

The arena erupted in a mix of cheers and boos as The Canadian Connection’s hands were raised in triumph. They had conquered one of the most respected teams in the sport, but their victory was met with mixed emotions.

The Stevens Dynasty, though defeated, had won the hearts of the crowd. They had fought with honor and skill, and their connection with the fans was unbroken.

As the 17th Aftershock came to a close, the echoes of the crowd’s mixed reactions lingered in the air. The night had been a showcase of wrestling excellence, a series of battles that had thrilled, entertained, and divided.