Aftershock 018 Results



The 18th installment of XPRO Wrestling’s Aftershock series electrified fans once again at The Best Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Following the success of Aftershock 17 at the same venue, the anticipation had been palpable. Lee Best, the owner of High Octane Wrestling, had generously offered the arena for this event, aiming to keep the wrestling action alive in Chicago while HOW was on tour. With a lineup featuring some of the most exciting talents in the wrestling world, Aftershock 18 promised to be another unforgettable night of high-octane action and drama.

#54 Justice Reynolds vs. #57 Aaron Gray

The atmosphere was thick with anticipation as the curtain lifted on Aftershock 18, revealing the first bout of the evening between #54 ranked Justice Reynolds and #57 Aaron Gray. Both wrestlers had their eyes set on climbing the rankings. Justice Reynolds, a 6’6″ powerhouse known for his devastating Double Handed Chokeslam called “The Equalizer,” stepped into the ring with a steely gaze. Across from him, Aaron Gray, representing MVW and slightly lower in the rankings, paced the ring, ready to prove himself.

The bell rang, and they engaged in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Reynolds used his size advantage to push Gray into the corner, but Gray countered with a quick arm drag, taking Reynolds by surprise. The match was a rollercoaster of action, with Reynolds landing powerful clotheslines and Gray responding with agile high-flying moves, including a moonsault off the top rope that nearly secured him a three-count.

As the match reached its climax, the intensity was palpable. Gray attempted a suplex, but Reynolds blocked it and countered with a sidewalk slam. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Reynolds signaled for “The Equalizer.” But Gray had other plans, dodging the move and landing a superkick that left Reynolds staggered.

Just when it seemed like Reynolds would regain control, Gray seized his moment. Dodging another attempt at “The Equalizer,” Gray executed a stunning tornado DDT, planting Reynolds squarely on his head. Sensing his opportunity, Gray climbed the top rope and launched himself into the air, landing a breathtaking frog splash.

The referee’s hand hit the mat: one, two, three. The crowd was stunned into silence before erupting into cheers. Aaron Gray had pulled off the upset, representing MVW with a victory that no one saw coming. His win not only shook up the rankings but also set an electrifying tone for the rest of the evening, leaving the audience in awe of what MVW and XPRO Wrestling had to offer.

#6 Drew Mitchell vs. #8 Jimmy Rettop

After the exhilarating opener, the crowd was buzzing with anticipation for the second match of Aftershock 18. It was a high-stakes bout featuring #6 ranked Drew Mitchell against #8 Jimmy Rettop. Drew Mitchell, known for his devastating “Tenchi Crush,” was a force to be reckoned with. Across the ring, Jimmy Rettop, a part-time rookie, was eager to prove himself, armed with his signature “End of the Line” Slingshot DDT.

The bell rang, and the two wrestlers circled each other, fully aware of the gravity of the match. They locked up, and Drew Mitchell quickly asserted his dominance with a powerful belly-to-belly suplex. Rettop, however, was quick to respond, landing a precise dropkick that sent Mitchell stumbling back.

The match was a chess game of contrasting styles. Mitchell, leveraging his experience and power, unleashed a series of punishing moves, including a gut-wrench powerbomb that rattled the ring. Rettop countered with his agility, dodging Mitchell’s heavy blows and landing a hurricanrana that electrified the crowd.

As the minutes ticked by, both wrestlers had their moments of near victory. Mitchell locked in a sharpshooter, pulling back on Rettop’s legs with all his might. Rettop fought through the pain, inching his way to the ropes to break the hold. Energized, Rettop climbed the top rope and launched into a flying elbow drop, but Mitchell rolled out of the way, leaving Rettop to crash into the mat.

Mitchell, sensing his moment, lifted Rettop for his “Tenchi Crush,” but Rettop kicked out at the last possible second. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, the tension palpable. Mitchell, visibly frustrated but determined, went for a clothesline, but Rettop ducked and countered with a quick DDT, setting up for his “End of the Line.”

Rettop signaled to the crowd, the arena erupting in cheers. He went for his Slingshot DDT, but Mitchell had it scouted. In a stunning reversal, Mitchell caught Rettop mid-move and transitioned into his “Tenchi Crush,” this time sitting out and driving Rettop’s face into his knees.

The referee’s hand hit the mat: one, two, three. Drew Mitchell had secured the win in a match that was nothing short of a wrestling clinic. The crowd roared in approval, knowing they had witnessed something special. Mitchell’s victory not only solidified his high ranking but also set an incredibly high standard for the rest of the evening. It was a bout that encapsulated the essence of XPRO Wrestling—unpredictable, intense, and utterly captivating.


#5 Alex Toushi vs. #7 Devin Skylar

As the advert for the Great Lakes Champion faded, the atmosphere in The Best Arena was electric with anticipation for the third match of Aftershock 18. This contest featured two top-ten competitors: #5 ranked Alex Toushi, renowned for his “Izuna Drop,” and #7 Devin Skylar, feared for his “Ragnarok” Crucifix powerbomb. Both wrestlers had reputations that preceded them, and neither was willing to give an inch.

The match commenced with a ceremonious ring of the bell. Toushi and Skylar approached each other cautiously, each aware that a single mistake could cost them the match. They engaged in a test of strength, their hands locked in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Toushi, known for his high-flying style, tried to transition into a wrist lock, but Skylar, a powerhouse, overpowered him and delivered a thunderous shoulder block.

The bout was a masterclass in wrestling diversity. Toushi dazzled the crowd with his aerial maneuvers, including a breathtaking springboard moonsault that nearly resulted in a pinfall. Skylar, on the other hand, focused on ground-and-pound tactics, executing a series of impactful German suplexes that left Toushi disoriented.

As the clock ticked on, the competitors pulled out all the stops. Toushi attempted a spinning heel kick, but Skylar caught him in mid-air and transitioned into a devastating sit-out powerbomb. The crowd gasped, thinking it was over, but Toushi kicked out at two and three-quarters, much to the disbelief of everyone in attendance.

Skylar, sensing the end was near, prepared to unleash his “Ragnarok.” He lifted Toushi onto his shoulders, but Toushi wriggled free and countered with an enziguri that left Skylar stunned. Seizing the moment, Toushi climbed to the top turnbuckle and executed a flawless shooting star press, but Skylar rolled away at the last moment, leaving Toushi to crash into the canvas.

Both men were visibly exhausted but driven by the will to win. Skylar once again attempted his “Ragnarok,” but Toushi had it scouted this time. In a stunning display of agility and strength, Toushi reversed the move into his “Izuna Drop,” a complex belly-to-belly hold followed by a backflip that drove Skylar’s head into the mat.

The referee counted: one, two, three. The crowd erupted into a cacophony of cheers and applause. Alex Toushi had emerged victorious in a bout that was an instant classic, a testament to the skill and resilience of both competitors. His win not only fortified his standing in the rankings but also left the audience in awe, eagerly awaiting what other spectacles XPRO Wrestling would offer in the remaining matches of the evening.


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#10 Scott Stevens vs. #27 Zach Kostoff

The atmosphere in The Best Arena was electric, thick with anticipation as the fourth match of Aftershock 18 was announced. This wasn’t just a contest; it was a golden ticket to High Octane Wrestling, with the winner set to face John Sektor for the HOTv Championship at Chaos 041. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Scott Stevens, ranked #10 and known for his “Game Changer” Spike Piledriver, was pitted against #27 Zach Kostoff, a man with only one win to his name but a burning desire to ascend the ranks of HOW.

The bell sounded, and the two warriors locked eyes, the tension palpable. They lunged into a collar-and-elbow tie-up, each man vying for control. Stevens, eager to assert his dominance, unleashed a flurry of knife-edge chops that reverberated throughout the arena. Kostoff, however, absorbed the impact and retaliated with a T-bone suplex that left Stevens momentarily stunned.

The bout evolved into a masterclass of wrestling styles. Stevens, a natural brawler, focused on debilitating strikes and power moves, including a lariat that nearly took Kostoff’s head off. Kostoff, however, showcased his technical acumen with a series of chain wrestling moves, culminating in a Northern Lights suplex that left the crowd in awe.

As the match wore on, both men delved deep into their arsenals. Stevens attempted his signature “Game Changer,” but Kostoff had it scouted and countered with a snapmare driver that shook the ring. The crowd gasped as the referee counted, but Stevens kicked out at two and a half, his eyes filled with a mixture of disbelief and determination.

Sensing an opening, Kostoff ascended the turnbuckles, preparing for a high-risk maneuver. Just as he launched himself, Stevens caught him in mid-air, transitioning into a sit-out powerbomb that left the crowd on the edge of their seats. But Kostoff kicked out, his eyes ablaze with a fire that would not be extinguished.

Both men were physically spent, their bodies battered but their wills unbroken. In a moment that seemed to freeze time, Kostoff dodged a lariat from Stevens and executed a picture-perfect enziguri, leaving Stevens dazed. Seizing the moment, Kostoff hoisted Stevens onto his shoulders and delivered a devastating Death Valley Driver, driving Stevens into the mat with a force that left no room for doubt.

The referee’s hand hit the mat: one, two, three. Zach Kostoff had done the unthinkable. With only his second win ever, both in XPRO, he had earned the right to challenge John Sektor for the HOTv Championship in High Octane Wrestling. As his hand was raised in victory, the magnitude of the moment was overwhelming. This was more than just a win; it was a career-defining moment, a stepping stone back to the grand stage of HOW. The crowd erupted in a deafening roar, fully aware that they had witnessed a monumental upset.


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#2 Lexi Gold vs. #4 Hugo Scorpio

In an evening already filled with monumental clashes, the fifth bout of Aftershock 18 promised to be a spectacle unlike any other. The atmosphere inside The Best Arena was electric as #2 Lexi Gold, renowned for her “Serpent’s Sting,” squared off against #4 Hugo Scorpio, whose “Drawn and Quartered” Torture Rack had instilled fear in many opponents.

The bell reverberated through the arena, signaling the commencement of a contest that would test the mettle of both competitors. Lexi and Hugo circled each other warily, each sizing up the other’s strengths and weaknesses. Lexi struck first, launching a rapid-fire series of leg kicks aimed at Hugo’s knees, attempting to neutralize his power advantage. Hugo, however, absorbed the blows and responded with a belly-to-belly suplex that sent Lexi sprawling across the mat.

The match evolved into a chess game of wrestling styles. Lexi, an all-around talent, relied on her agility and technical skills. She executed a textbook hurricanrana, followed by a springboard moonsault that drew gasps from the crowd. Hugo, a powerhouse by nature, countered with raw strength, lifting Lexi into a military press before violently dropping her onto the top rope, jarring her spine.

As the clock ticked on, the intensity reached a fever pitch. Lexi attempted her signature “Serpent’s Sting,” but Hugo had done his homework. He countered with a gut-wrench powerbomb that shook the ring. The referee’s hand descended for the count, but Lexi miraculously kicked out at two and three-quarters, her eyes ablaze with an indomitable spirit.

Not to be outdone, Hugo saw an opening and ascended the turnbuckles, preparing to unleash his devastating flying elbow drop. But Lexi, displaying incredible ring awareness, rolled out of harm’s way at the last second, causing Hugo to crash into the mat, his elbow throbbing in pain.

Seizing this golden opportunity, Lexi unleashed a dazzling array of moves. She hit a picture-perfect enziguri that left Hugo dazed, followed by a dragon screw leg whip that had him clutching his knee in agony. Sensing her opponent’s vulnerability, Lexi then executed a snap DDT, driving Hugo’s head into the mat with pinpoint accuracy.

Both warriors were visibly drained, their bodies bearing the scars of an epic battle. Lexi, gathering her final reserves of energy, hoisted Hugo into a fireman’s carry. With a roar that seemed to shake the arena itself, she transitioned into her “Serpent’s Sting,” driving Hugo face-first into the mat with a force that left no room for doubt.

The referee’s count was academic at this point: one, two, three. Lexi Gold had triumphed in a match that had pushed both athletes to their absolute limits. As her hand was raised in victory, the crowd erupted into a deafening ovation.

#3 The Starr Brothers vs Massive Savings©

In a night already brimming with high-stakes action, the co-main event of Aftershock 18 promised to be a tag team extravaganza. The atmosphere inside The Best Arena was electric as Massive Savings, the dynamic duo of QT Reese and Bobby Dean, prepared to defend their XPRO Tag Team Championships against the formidable Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon Starr, representing sVo.

The bell rang, echoing throughout the arena, and the tension was palpable. QT Reese and Darren Starr initiated the contest, locking horns in the center of the ring. Reese, known for his awe-inspiring “Brown Star Press,” wasted no time in displaying his all-around skills. He executed a series of arm drags, followed by a perfectly timed dropkick that sent Darren stumbling into his corner. Not to be outdone, Darren recovered swiftly and tagged in Simon, who catapulted into the ring with a springboard crossbody that caught Reese off guard.

Seizing the moment, Bobby Dean tagged himself in. A technician in the ring, Dean immediately focused on Simon’s arm, delivering a sequence of arm wrenches and an armbar takedown. Simon, however, showcased his resilience by countering with a spinning heel kick, creating enough distance to tag in Darren.

The match escalated into a whirlwind of high-impact moves and breathtaking near falls. Darren unleashed a series of high-flying maneuvers, including a corkscrew moonsault off the top rope that seemed to have Bobby Dean down for the count. But Dean, showing incredible fortitude, kicked out at two and seven-eighths, his eyes widening with a blend of disbelief and resolve.

Both teams were pulling out all the stops as the match progressed. QT Reese dazzled the crowd with a shooting star press, while Bobby Dean showcased his power with a sit-out powerbomb that rattled Darren’s spine. The Starr Brothers retaliated with their signature double-team maneuver—a superkick from Darren followed by a German suplex from Simon—that had the crowd gasping in awe.

The climax of the match was a frenetic sequence that had the audience on the edge of their seats. All four competitors were in the ring, each executing their signature moves in rapid succession. QT Reese hit a tornado DDT on Darren, while Bobby Dean locked Simon in a figure-four leglock. Simon writhed in agony but managed to reverse the pressure, only for Dean to roll back, reasserting his control.

In a moment that seemed to defy the laws of physics, QT Reese ascended the turnbuckle and launched into his “Brown Star Press,” while Bobby Dean simultaneously transitioned his figure-four into a sharpshooter on Simon. Darren, desperate to save the match, lunged at Dean, but Reese intercepted him mid-air with a spinebuster that shook the very foundations of the ring.

With Simon trapped in the sharpshooter and nowhere to go, the referee had no choice but to call for the bell. Massive Savings had successfully retained their XPRO Tag Team Championships in an epic contest that had pushed all four men to their limits. As their hands were raised in victory, the crowd erupted into a deafening ovation, fully aware that they had witnessed a tag team classic.

As Massive Savings basked in the glory of their hard-fought victory, their hands raised high in triumph, the atmosphere inside The Best Arena took an unexpected turn. The crowd’s cheers were suddenly drowned out by the blaring theme music of The Patriot Act, the #1 ranked tag team hailing from sVo. Lance Abbot and Travis Hughes emerged onto the ramp, microphones in hand, their eyes locked onto the reigning XPRO Tag Team Champions in the ring.

The crowd buzzed with anticipation, sensing that something monumental was about to unfold. Lance Abbot took the lead, his voice echoing throughout the arena.

“Congratulations, Massive Savings. You’ve proven yourselves tonight, but let’s be honest, you haven’t faced a team like us. We are The Patriot Act, and we’re here to issue a challenge that will test your mettle like never before.”

Travis Hughes took over, his tone equally resolute. “We’re not here for a one-off match. No, we’re here to propose something that will settle, once and for all, who the best tag team in the wrestling world truly is. We challenge you to a Best of 7 Series for those XPRO Tag Team Championships.”

The crowd erupted into a mixture of cheers and gasps, fully grasping the magnitude of what was being proposed. A Best of 7 Series would not only be a grueling test of skill and endurance but also a historic event that could redefine tag team wrestling.

QT Reese and Bobby Dean exchanged glances, the weight of the challenge sinking in. After a moment that felt like an eternity, Reese grabbed a microphone.

“You want a Best of 7 Series, huh? Well, you’ve got it. But be prepared, because Massive Savings is not just a name; it’s a guarantee. And we guarantee that we’ll still be standing here, titles in hand, when the dust settles.”

As Reese’s words reverberated through the arena, the tension was palpable. Both teams stared each other down, the XPRO Tag Team Championships glinting in the spotlight. The stage was set for a showdown that promised to be nothing short of legendary, a Best of 7 Series that would determine the ultimate tag team supremacy.

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Main Event

#3 NECKBONE Jones vs. #1 The Game Boy vs. Tyler Best©

In a crescendo of anticipation and fervor, The Best Arena was primed for a main event that promised to be nothing short of legendary. The Great Lakes Championship was the prize, and the combatants were three men whose mutual animosity was as palpable as their desire for the title.

First to stride into the ring was NECKBONE Jones, his gaze locked in a steely focus that left no doubt about his intentions. Following him was The Game Boy, the pioneer Great Lakes Champion, whose stern face signaled his resolve to regain his former glory. Completing the trio was Tyler Best, the current titleholder, who entered the ring with an air of arrogance, as if the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

As the bell tolled, the arena was awash with tension. The three warriors circled each other cautiously, each wary of making the first move. It was Tyler Best who broke the stalemate, launching into a spinning heel kick aimed at NECKBONE. Quick as a cat, NECKBONE dodged and retaliated with a belly-to-belly suplex that rattled the ring. Seizing the opening, The Game Boy swooped in to deliver a devastating Russian leg sweep to NECKBONE, grounding him momentarily.

The contest evolved into an intricate dance of athleticism and sheer force. Tyler Best unleashed a sequence of snap suplexes, targeting both NECKBONE and The Game Boy in turn. Unfazed, The Game Boy responded with a crushing Samoan drop, leaving Tyler writhing in pain. NECKBONE, sensing an opportunity, capitalized with a flying elbow drop from the top rope that connected with The Game Boy’s chest.

As the match progressed, each competitor pulled out increasingly audacious moves. Tyler Best executed an enziguri that caught NECKBONE off guard, while The Game Boy retaliated with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. NECKBONE, not to be outdone, landed a devastating spear on The Game Boy, driving him into the mat.

The atmosphere reached a fever pitch when all three men found themselves precariously perched on the top turnbuckle. In a breathtaking moment, NECKBONE and The Game Boy collaborated to deliver a double superplex to Tyler Best. As they both crashed to the mat, the crowd erupted, chanting, “THIS IS AWESOME!”

Exhausted but unyielding, the trio reached the climax of their battle. Tyler Best, in a desperate move, crawled toward his championship belt, perhaps contemplating some underhanded tactics. But The Game Boy, mustering his last reserves, intercepted Tyler and delivered a final Handheld Choke Slam, this time onto the championship belt. The referee counted: 1, 2, 3!

Triumphant, The Game Boy reclaimed his Great Lakes Championship, holding the belt aloft for all to see. As he stood victorious, his eyes met those of NECKBONE Jones and Tyler Best. The message was unspoken but clear: this saga was far from its final chapter.

Just as The Game Boy was basking in the glory of his hard-fought victory, holding the Great Lakes Championship high above his head, the atmosphere in The Best Arena took a sudden, chilling turn. From out of nowhere, a figure emerged from the crowd, clad in a black hoodie with the hood pulled up to conceal his identity.

Before anyone could fully register what was happening, the mystery man lunged into the ring with the agility of a predator. With a swift and brutal assault, he blindsided The Game Boy, landing a series of devastating blows with a steel pipe that sent the new champion sprawling to the mat, his championship belt clattering beside him.

As quickly as he had appeared, the enigmatic assailant retreated, vaulting back over the barricade and disappearing into the sea of stunned spectators. Security personnel rushed down from the back, but it was too late; the mystery man had vanished as swiftly as he had struck, leaving behind a scene of chaos and a champion left reeling in disbelief.

The crowd was abuzz with speculation and shock. Who was this mystery man? What were his motives? One thing was clear: while The Game Boy may have won the battle for the Great Lakes Championship, a new and ominous war had just begun.