No XPRO Events this week!!

Chicago, IL – August 29, 2023 – XPRO Wrestling, the live touring brand of High Octane Wrestling, has announced a temporary pause in its regular event schedule in observance of the upcoming Labor Day weekend. The organization will not be hosting its usual Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday events this week.

A Well-Deserved Break for All

Labor Day is a time for rest and reflection, and XPRO Wrestling believes in honoring this tradition. “We want to give our wrestlers, staff, and fans a well-deserved break,” said a spokesperson for XPRO Wrestling. “It’s an opportunity for everyone involved to recharge and prepare for the electrifying matches that lie ahead.”

Mark Your Calendars for September 5th

Fans need not worry, as XPRO Wrestling will return to action on September 5th, resuming its regular schedule of events every Tuesday, and Saturday for the duration of September. The organization promises to bring back the same high-octane excitement that has made it a staple in the wrestling community.

About XPRO Wrestling

Founded on July 18, 2023, XPRO Wrestling is the live touring brand used by High Octane Wrestling for their non-televised events. With a focus on readability, match relevance, description, creativity, and character development, XPRO Wrestling has quickly become a fan favorite.