Aftershock 019 Results



The 19th Aftershock show for XPRO Wrestling had unfolded in a spectacle of raw power and finesse inside The Best Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The air was thick with anticipation, the crowd’s energy palpable, reverberating through the walls of the iconic venue. Fans donned the merchandise of their favorite wrestlers, their faces painted and signs held high, each person a testament to the community that XPRO had built.

Singles Match
#57 Justice Reynolds vs. #54 Gilbert Rogers

The curtain rose on the 19th Aftershock show with a clash of titans: Justice Reynolds versus “Extra Butter” Gilbert Rogers. The Best Arena in Chicago was electric, each fan eagerly awaiting the first bout of the night.

Justice Reynolds, a 6’6″ powerhouse with a finisher known as “The Equalizer,” faced off against the shorter but heavier Gilbert Rogers, whose “Jump Scare” had become a crowd favorite. As the bell rang, Sarah Mitchell officiated the match, her eyes sharp on the action.

The two wrestlers circled each other, the tension palpable. Justice Reynolds tried to capitalize on his height and reach, launching into a series of high-impact moves. Gilbert Rogers, however, countered with his own set of powerful maneuvers, using his weight to ground Justice.

The match reached a fever pitch when Justice Reynolds hoisted Gilbert Rogers into the air, seemingly setting up for his devastating “Equalizer.” But in a twist of fate, Rogers broke free and executed his signature “Jump Scare,” a running splash that reverberated through the arena. The count was made, and Gilbert Rogers was declared the winner.

The crowd’s reaction was mixed but impassioned, setting the stage for a night that promised to be unforgettable. Gilbert Rogers had shown that power could come in any size, while Justice Reynolds, though not victorious, had given a performance that would be talked about for weeks to come.

Singles Match
#25 Bobby Dean vs. #28 Aaron Gray

The second match of the evening at the 19th Aftershock show was a singles bout featuring Bobby Dean, one half of the XPRO Tag Team Champions team of Massive Savings, against Aaron Gray. The atmosphere in The Best Arena was electric as Bobby Dean made his entrance, his tag team partner QT Reese accompanying him to the ring. The crowd was well aware that Bobby still had to wrestle in the main event later, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this match.

As the bell rang, officiated by Tony “The Enforcer” Russo, both wrestlers locked up in the center of the ring. Aaron Gray, eager to make a name for himself, started strong with a series of arm drags and dropkicks, trying to keep Bobby Dean off balance. However, Bobby, a seasoned wrestler, quickly regained his footing and countered with a belly-to-belly suplex, followed by a running clothesline that sent Aaron sprawling to the mat.

The match was a showcase of technical prowess and high-flying moves. Aaron Gray executed a beautiful springboard moonsault, but Bobby Dean rolled out of the way just in time. Seizing the moment, Bobby launched into a sequence of moves, including a Russian leg sweep and a diving elbow drop from the second rope. The crowd roared as QT Reese cheered his partner on from ringside.

Aaron Gray wasn’t done yet, though. He rallied with a series of stiff kicks and a spinning heel kick that caught Bobby off guard. For a moment, it looked like Aaron might pull off an upset. He climbed the turnbuckle, poised for a high-risk maneuver, but Bobby Dean was too quick. He intercepted Aaron, delivering a superplex that shook the ring.

Sensing the end was near, Bobby Dean signaled to the crowd. With a burst of energy, he lifted Aaron Gray into position for his finisher. The arena held its collective breath as Bobby executed a flawless “Dean Driver,” his signature piledriver. Tony “The Enforcer” Russo made the count, and it was over. Bobby Dean was the victor.

The crowd erupted in cheers, fully aware that Bobby Dean had not only won this match but also had to conserve energy for the main event later in the evening. QT Reese joined him in the ring, raising his partner’s hand in victory. It was a match that had everything—technical skill, high-flying action, and drama. And it was clear that Bobby Dean was a force to be reckoned with, not just in this match but for the rest of the night as well.

Singles Match
#15 Scott Hunter vs. #16 Chick Raynes

The third bout of the 19th Aftershock show featured Scott Hunter, an all-around wrestler standing at 6’3″ and weighing 245 lbs, against Chick Raynes, the diminutive dynamo at 4’7″ and 111 lbs. The Best Arena was abuzz with excitement as both competitors made their way to the squared circle. Sarah Mitchell was the official in charge, her eyes keenly focused on the unfolding action.

As the bell sounded, Chick Raynes wasted no time, darting around the ring to keep Scott Hunter guessing. He unleashed a flurry of quick jabs and low kicks, aiming to destabilize his larger opponent. Scott, however, remained unfazed. He countered Chick’s speed with his own tactical prowess, trapping him in a headlock before transitioning into a ground-and-pound sequence.

The match was a rollercoaster of athleticism and strategy. Chick Raynes dazzled the crowd with a hurricanrana, followed by a flying crossbody from the top rope. Scott Hunter, however, absorbed the impact and rolled through, lifting Chick into a gut-wrench suplex. The crowd was on its feet, the atmosphere electric.

Chick Raynes attempted to regain momentum with a series of high-flying moves, including a corkscrew plancha that left both men sprawled on the mat. But Scott Hunter was prepared. He dodged a spinning wheel kick from Chick and retaliated with a devastating German suplex, folding Chick nearly in half.

The match reached its zenith as both wrestlers seemed to pull out all the stops. Chick Raynes went for his finisher, “The Raynes Drop,” a Swanton Bomb that had won him matches before. He soared through the air, but Scott Hunter rolled out of harm’s way at the last second. Seizing the opportunity, Scott hoisted Chick onto his shoulders and executed his signature move, the “Figure Four Leg Lock.”

Chick Raynes struggled, his face contorted in pain, but the hold was locked in tight. Sarah Mitchell watched closely as Chick tapped out, signaling his submission. Scott Hunter was declared the winner, his hand raised in victory as the crowd erupted in cheers.

It was a match that had showcased an array of wrestling styles, from high-flying acrobatics to ground-based technicality. Scott Hunter had proven that experience and strategy could triumph over speed and agility, but Chick Raynes had given a performance that ensured he would not be forgotten. The night was far from over, but this match had set an incredibly high bar for what was still to come.

Great Lakes Championship Match
#2 Lexi Gold vs. The Game Boy©

The co-main event of the 19th Aftershock show was a clash that had been highly anticipated, a bout steeped in drama and suspense. The Game Boy, the newly re-crowned Great Lakes Champion, was set to defend his title against the #2 ranked Lexi Gold from SHOOT. The atmosphere in The Best Arena was electric, the crowd buzzing with excitement. The stakes were incredibly high, especially given The Game Boy’s recent victory over Tyler Best to reclaim the Great Lakes Championship.

As the competitors made their way to the ring, the tension was palpable. Tony “The Enforcer” Russo was the official for this high-stakes match. The bell rang, and the battle for the Great Lakes Championship was underway.

The opening moments were a chess match, both wrestlers gauging each other’s moves and countering with their own. Lexi Gold, known for her all-around wrestling style, initiated the action with a series of quick strikes and a beautifully executed arm drag. The Game Boy, a powerhouse, absorbed the blows and retaliated with a spine-tingling powerbomb that rattled the ring.

The match was a rollercoaster of emotions and athleticism. Lexi Gold executed a breathtaking moonsault, only for The Game Boy to catch her mid-air and transition into a crushing sidewalk slam. The crowd was in a frenzy, each near-fall eliciting gasps and cheers.

As the match progressed, Lexi Gold seemed to have found her rhythm. She hit a sequence of high-impact moves, culminating in her signature “Serpent’s Sting,” a Gory Special Flatliner that left The Game Boy reeling. She went for the pin, but The Game Boy kicked out at the last possible second, keeping his championship hopes alive.

The drama reached a fever pitch when Lexi Gold attempted a flying crossbody from the top rope, aiming to finish the match once and for all. But The Game Boy had other plans. In a display of raw power, he caught Lexi mid-flight and transitioned into his finisher, the “Handheld Choke Slam.”

The arena held its collective breath as Tony “The Enforcer” Russo made the count. Three seconds felt like an eternity, but when the referee’s hand hit the mat for the third time, it was over. The Game Boy had successfully defended his Great Lakes Championship.

The crowd erupted into a mix of cheers and awe, fully aware that they had just witnessed a match for the ages. The Game Boy clutched his championship belt, his face a mixture of relief and triumph, while Lexi Gold lay on the mat, defeated but far from disgraced. It was a bout that had lived up to its billing, delivering high drama, suspense, and a showcase of incredible wrestling talent. The co-main event had set an almost unattainable standard, leaving everyone wondering how the main event could possibly top it.

Main Event
Match 1 of the Best of Seven Series for the XPRO Tag Team Championships
The Patriot Act (sVo) vs. Massive Savings ©

The atmosphere inside The Best Arena was electric, the air thick with anticipation as the time for the main event of the 19th Aftershock show finally arrived. This was no ordinary match; it was the inaugural bout in a seven-match series featuring the XPRO Tag Team Champions, Massive Savings, against The Patriot Act from sVo, made up of Lance Abbot and Travis Armstrong. Adding to the drama was the fact that Bobby Dean, one half of Massive Savings, had already competed earlier in the evening. The stakes couldn’t have been higher.

Sarah Mitchell took her position as the match’s official, her eyes sharp and focused. The bell rang, and the arena erupted. QT Reese started for Massive Savings, allowing Bobby Dean to conserve energy on the apron after his earlier bout.

QT Reese and Lance Abbot were the first to lock horns, and the action was immediate and intense. Abbot attempted to gain early control with a series of mat-based wrestling moves, but QT countered with his agility, hitting a springboard forearm that sent Abbot reeling. Travis Armstrong was tagged in, and the pace escalated further. Armstrong unleashed a series of kicks, but QT dodged and responded with a picture-perfect dropkick.

The match was a spectacle of high-octane action, each move more breathtaking than the last. Armstrong and Abbot executed a stunning double suplex on QT Reese, but just when it seemed like Massive Savings was in trouble, Bobby Dean tagged in. Despite his earlier match, he was a whirlwind of energy, hitting Armstrong with a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a flying crossbody on Abbot.

The drama reached a fever pitch when all four men found themselves in the ring. Armstrong attempted a powerbomb on QT Reese, but Bobby Dean intervened, hitting Armstrong with a superkick. Seizing the moment, QT and Bobby set up for their devastating team finisher, a combination of a powerbomb from Bobby and a moonsault from QT that had the crowd on their feet.

Sarah Mitchell’s hand hit the mat for the three-count, and the arena exploded. Massive Savings had won the first match in the seven-match series, but it was clear to everyone that they had been pushed to their limits. As they celebrated, holding their XPRO Tag Team Championships high, the crowd gave them a standing ovation, fully aware that they had just witnessed a match that had surpassed all others in action and drama.

Lance Abbot and Travis Armstrong, though defeated, received their share of applause. They had lost the battle but had given a performance that promised an intense and unforgettable war in the matches to come. As the crowd began to disperse, the message was clear: this seven-match series had started with an explosion of action, and it was anyone’s guess what would happen next.